Two New Colors For The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Comfort Grip Listed By GAME

ThisGenGaming says "GAME has listed pre-orders for two new Joy-Con controller comfort grips with different colors."

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Neonridr1469d ago

surprised there is no blue. You would think grey, red and blue would be the first three colors.. not black.

lxtrxi1469d ago

With the blue joy con you'd think there would be one at launch. Might not be on the store yet as these only went up today so they could come on. Does seem like Nintendo's plan is blue, grey, and red for launch colors.

eagle211469d ago

Official Nintendo brand?

lxtrxi1469d ago

Doesn't look like it. No Nintendo logos on the front compared to the official one.

eagle211468d ago

I prefer the official controllers when I game.

TheGamez1001469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

There should be a grip that curves the joy cons at an angle, having the buttons and analogs be verticle to eachother will probably be uncomfortable for me. The psp and 3ds does that which annoys me. Although the buttons would be rotated, dont think i would mind

1467d ago