Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Count Out Microsoft & The Xbox One Just Yet

ThisGenGaming says "Microsoft has made minimal announcements concerning their plans for 2017 and there has been no shortage of criticism sent their way recently. As of now, Microsoft lacks exclusive titles for 2017, but still boasts a couple of potential game-of-the-year candidates in Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2. Time and time again, Microsoft has been able to surprise the gaming community at E3 and they are capable of shocking us all again this June."

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PhoenixUp1470d ago

Well of course you can't count out a system that a lot of people are fond of

Gazondaily1470d ago

No matter how far Sony's lead, they know they can't rest on their laurels. The previous generation served as a harsh lesson.

The third generation curse now afflicts MS. It got cocky and now its desperately fighting to come back to where they were before.

I wouldn't count out the Xbox but if the status quo persists then I'd be more inclined to do so in the following years to come.

This E3 will be tough for MS. I think they'll straddle on the same old games, devote a big chunk of time to Scorpio, maybe one or two surprises that won't be massive and third party and indie padding.

ApocalypseShadow1470d ago

I wouldn't count them out as they do have money and some cool ideas.

But um... There isn't any third generation curse for Microsoft as they have never won a generation. Nes then SNES. PlayStation then PlayStation 2. Microsoft... Um... Yeah.

I agree with the rest but that.

Gazondaily1470d ago

"There isn't any third generation curse for Microsoft as they have never won a generation"

They don't need to 'win' to be free from that curse. The curse is arrogance and complacency leading to horrible decisions and setting the platform back.

Why o why1470d ago

It'll be an uphill struggle even if they do announce titles at e3. Half the year would be over with and hardly anything released. Anything announced may not get released in 2017. This year is a scratch but ms must do a lot better for the new hope....scorpio. maybe, just maybe they've been holding back which is good for the early scorpio adopters but a little slap in the face to the ogx1 guys.

GorillaTact1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Count out a major company in a multi-billion dollar industry? Who does that?

GorillaTact1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I don't think everybody on N4G is that naïve. Now the middle school crowd that argues over consoles absolutely seem to have no attention span. Bumps in the road aren't something new for any console maker. There have only been a couple reasons that brought a catastrophic end to a major console maker. One was caused by software stagnation due to not investing in technology that progressed console hardware. The other was caused by a lack of sustaining capitol after an "all or nothing" investment. None of the existing major console makers are in any danger of collapsing at this point in time, or the near future.

Sorry kids the sky isn't falling : )

chrisx1470d ago

No exclusives. Dat alone is a ms hara kiri

Elda1470d ago

No release dates this year for any original variety of diverse exclusives...especially for the first 6 months of this year.

FreeSpeech691470d ago

Already counted out sorry, it has no chance. PS4 already won.

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The story is too old to be commented.