PlayStation 3 demand plummets after holidays

Mike Kohn sat anxiously by his computer as the clock ticked down on his eBay auction.

With hopes of catching a last-minute buyer in a desperate bid for Sony's latest hardware, the PlayStation 3, Kohn listed the gaming console a week before Christmas.

But as with many Internet auction sellers, Kohn learned demand for the system was not what he anticipated it to be.

"Waiting was the mistake," he said.

A study by gaming Web site tracked the average sale price of the PlayStation 3 on eBay.

After a peak of $2,367 on Nov. 15, the average ending price plummeted to $800 by Nov. 26. The lowest average was recorded Dec. 21 with the systems ending at $724.

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UrbanJabroni5226d ago

"Business Week listed Sony's stock as a sell."

THIS is news. Drop in recommendation -> (eventual) drop in share price -> pissed off shareholders -> drastic change.

mucho 995225d ago

another ps3 hate topic, people just can't seem to get enough of bashing on the console, will it ever come to an end?

Norad65225d ago

It will stop when Sony gives us something good to report about. Which I don't see happening anytime soon. (Heightened price for Eur., Warhawk rumored canceled.)

dissectionalrr5225d ago

that fact alone should tell you something...