Guitar Hero DLC Subscription Being Evaluated by Activision, Plans to Make Lots of Money

Shacknews writes: "Activision is considering a subscription service to deliver new songs monthly for its music-rhythm series Guitar Hero, according to Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith during Activision Blizzard's Analyst Day event yesterday. As Griffith explained:

Looking even further out, we're exploring new models, like an annual pass subscription where players can subscribe and get a certain number of songs downloadable each month.

No further details, such as a price or a start date for such a program, were made available. The plan would, however, be just part of Activision's plan to "monetize" the Guitar Hero series. "

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LevDog3686d ago

GH and Rock band.. The biggest joke in gaming.. Somehow they tricked people into spending hundreds of dollars for plastic fake instruments.. then someone how tricked people into rebuying songs they already own or prolly never even liked in the first place..

Rockband is prolly the worse.. 190 bucks for the game and instruments with limited songs.. Then 15 bucks a song pack.. or a dollar for 1 song.. You end up spending a crap load of money for nothing.. For songs you can DL for free.. "but wait Levdog You cant hit lil buttons on fake instruments tho".. Ya save yourself and some money.. but 3 games instead of 1.. You will have alot more fun

Kleptic3686d ago

ah...button guitar can be fun in the right conditions...playing it drunk at friends place last weekend was a lot more fun than GT5P (although, playing racing games while intoxicated can be extremely fun in a very sick way...will help anyone understand why really doing that is very illegal)...

I don't know...I can't get overly into them...I agree that the pricing schemes for all of them are out of wack...and I could never get into them in the solo sense (no pun intended)...but they are fun for what they are...but they are a hell of a lot more fun than Wii party games imo...