Life of Black Tiger - Is the quality of the PSN slipping?

This might quite possibly be the worst video game trailer of all time. But does it point to a larger problem with PSN's quality control? Vince gives his opinion on what this trailer really means.

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UCForce1511d ago

I agree that was worst video game trailer.

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Angeljuice1509d ago

Day one purchase, that animation is awesome and when the tiger strikes, it's so realistic it is truly terrifying.

The other game looks amazing too.

bloop1509d ago

I love the animation when he does a 180. It's almost like a head just pops out of his ass.

DragonDDark1509d ago

Ehh.. Steam had a lot of shitty games. People still love it.

KwietStorm_BLM1509d ago

This is the very definition of cherry picking.

Ravenor1509d ago

At least no one has posted a metacritic link yet.

PSN like any online store with games has some bad games and good games, writing an article about slipping QC based on even a few titles is perhaps one of the greatest examples of writing an article just to post something on N4G lately.

Nodoze1509d ago

I think this is the January PS Plus title. I can't wait...and frankly would not be surprised.

Epic tiger vs crocodile battles in a beautifully rendered forests. I am in!

Razzer1509d ago

Horrible games have been around since the Atari 2600. Easy solution. Don't buy the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.