Resident Evil 7 Can Be Beat In 10 Hours On Normal Difficulty; More Information Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "The leaks continue to come in for Resident Evil 7 after the street date was broken last week."

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TalesofEvil1468d ago

I can't wait to play this game. RE7 Biohazard will be awesome, btw be careful for spoilers they are all over the internet.

lxtrxi1468d ago

Yeah this is true, be careful of spoilers. Nothing spoilerish in this article however.

Ending's been leaked though.

core_51468d ago

He died over 100 times .. that´s a lot ..

Goldeneye0071466d ago

Technically, he "restarted" 110 times... but still, I'm sure a LOT of those were deaths lol.

core_51466d ago

These are deaths ... i finished the game in 12 hours and dies 40 times .., maybe he played faster and offensive, but this is not the best way

AntiZeal0t1467d ago

Jesus, that dude used only 1 healing item too. That's interesting.

Goldeneye0071466d ago

On easy and normal modes, your health regenerates. I'm going old-school and starting a new game on the madhouse difficulty for my first play-through. That way, the game will be WAY more than 10 hours and very challenging.

AntiZeal0t1466d ago

I assume you could always lower the difficulty too if it's too too hard. Your way seems like the way to play it. I'll most likely try it as well.

Tankbusta401467d ago

I guess 15-20 was wishful thinking, he almost found all of the secrets also.

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The story is too old to be commented.