New slim PS3 trophy card now available at

Today announced a major update to their PS3 trophy card system. With three new trophy patches hitting PS3 for Warhawk, Novastrike and PAIN recently they felt the time was right to expand their trophy card selection with a new slim alternative that's designed specifically for forum signature spaces, along with a number of new trophy card themes.

And the update doesn't stop there! In addition to the new size and themes, they've introduced 'automated level calculation' based off the number & type of trophies you have fully integrated and functioning with a new level progress indicator so you no longer need to constantly adjust or guess your level.

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THC CELL3780d ago

i cant wait for the home and psn to upgrade there site with integrated PSN cards with auto update
not manual i mean people can lie bare easy with this

Naked-Snake3780d ago

The fact that PSN cards aren't worldwide heck they're even hard to find in USA.

poopsack3780d ago

you realize your extremely off right?

commando343780d ago

Rock Band makes band game.....guitar hero follows like an idiot

Microsoft makes Achievements....

see where im going with this?

TheColbertinator3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I think I see your point.

Guitar Hero 4 copies Rock Band

Rock Band copies Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero copies Gitaroo Freaks

I think what you are trying to say is that innovation is nowhere to be found in the videogames industry...except for Nintendo and SEGA of course.

Microsoft_Spokesman3780d ago

You Fail!

OK Fine, Sony 'copied' achievements.

Achievements copies Ratchet and Clanks' SKILLS system
LIPS copies SingStar
New xbox menu copies XMB.
Scene It? copies BUZZ
Avatars copies HOME and Mii's
"You're in the movies" copies PS EYE games
Banjoo Koozie copies LBP
Microsoft copies the PS3 by releasing a larger HDD
Microsft copies Trophies by releasing "Medals" for some games
Microsoft copies PS3's High Def format by releasing HDDVD add-on
Xbox copies PS2 with the DVD
Xbox copies PS2
Microsoft copies Sony by releasing a game system

So, really, STFU.

ThatArtGuy3780d ago

I didn't think it was news, or I would have submitted it.

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The story is too old to be commented.