Blend Games Preview: Silent Hill Homecoming

Blend Games writes: "After being discharged from a military hospital, Alex Shepard catches wind of his brother's disappearance. He returns home only to find that things have gone horribly awry. Soon Alex realizes that his missing brother is only a small portion of all the evil that has corrupted the small town of Shepard's Glen.

What was first revealed as Silent Hill V, later became known as Silent Hill: Homecoming. It's a little confusing, I know, but it's still Silent Hill. This time, though, players will be in charge of a character that at least knows his way around a gun. With Alex, players will actually have a new take on the melee and combat in Silent Hill: Homecoming. The main focus of the game is still on exploration and puzzle solving. But for fans of the series who were peeved at the shallow combat mechanics, they can at least relish in the fact that there are more moves to execute and more ways to dodge then in previous Silent Hill games."

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