Crysis Averted: Rumors of a 360 version of the upcoming shooter are dead again

There is no joy in Mudville. EA has officially stated that Crysis is not planned for Xbox 360.

In a recent installment of its weekly podcast, 1Up Yours, gaming website 1Up revealed that an Xbox 360 version of Crysis was currently under development. In the podcast, editors claimed that during CES they had spoken to developers at Crytek who asserted that the Xbox 360 version of the game would be completely different from its PC counterpart due to the 360's lack of Direct X10 support.

However, an Electronics Arts rep disputed the claims. Apparently, there was some sort of miscommunication which led the editors to assume that a 360 version of the upcoming shooter was currently in development. EA's spokesman confirmed that this was nowhere near an official announcement and expected a retraction to be forthcoming.

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Anerythristic265431d ago

"Developer Crytek is said to be in the works for a next-gen console game (spoken of so far only as a PS3 project), but depending on what becomes of that project and the denial from EA that Crysis despite this chat with Crytek about 360, it appears to be that the Crytek console project will probably be a different game from Crysis."

Where did this entire load of garbage appear in the article? Oh...I See... you had to throw a little PS3 propaganda in , I mean union rules are union rules , am I right?

On topic... You can look a the original post on the rumor this game is coming to the 360 , I said jack about it.

I have little respect for a company that is essentially a PC fanboy , like Crytek . that to me is pathetic. People that will buy a new $3000 dollar gaming rig or put an extra $600 into thier existing PC to play this game , deserve this game , if you know what I mean.

NFS215431d ago

the 360 was dead anyway.

Anerythristic265431d ago

Should be banned for intentional flaming or massive ignorance of the hobby of video games.

NFS215431d ago

should be banned for being such an xbox nerd.

InMyOpinion5430d ago

At least it's corpse is floating on top of the Ps3 lol!

Hey Zeus5430d ago

Sorry to to tell Xbots this, but hs game is not comming out or the 360, PS3 mabye though, mwahhhahhahahhaha, mwahahahhahah!

Scrumptious5430d ago

will announce the 360 exclusive when they are ready, and have some media to go with it.

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