Monster Hunter 3 details - Online play included

Some new details about Monster Hunter 3 have been released.

- Online play - 4 player groups
- City provides an area for chatting, meeting up other players. For single-player, the city turns into a village with new facilities and access routes for the island over time
- Kaname Fujioka (director) wants to restart Monster Hunter with news ideas - One reason why the game will be on the Wii
- Set on an unexplored island - forests, caves, deep underwater environments
- Complete swimming controls available in underwater environments
- Hunt submerged beasts, hunt fish (can be used as ingredients)
- Most weapons available on land can also be used in water
- Air gauge when you're underwater, stamina gauge when running on land
- Light torches in caves to see the surrounding area in caves
- Old and new monsters - old monsters will have a "freshness" quality as well
- Huge underwater dragon serves as main monster, can fight him while swimming or walking
- Playable at TGS

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Stryfeno23686d ago

Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii is going to massacre the competition in Japan.


cahill3686d ago

hahsaaaa BOT WKS is coming out this year in Japan


WKS is the biggest RPG after FF in JAPAN .

sucks to be an XBOT

Voiceofreason3685d ago

LOL what an idiot. First off only Sony fans want to act like 360 was every going to do well in Japan. Its obvious to anyone with half a brain that American video games do not sales well there, but keep thinking you know sometihng nobody else does. Second WKS is a NEW IP. Its not the biggest thing in Japan after FF, but being a Sony fan and an idiot I can see why its hard for you to have a clue. Was MS forced into 4 price cuts just to get some kind of interest in their product? Did MS lose many of its once big exclusives to Sony? No on both counts, so how exactly does it suck to be a MS gamer when they are leading Sony in every way that matters?I mean the xbox is guareenteed to break and Sony cant even seem to outsell them, yet that is some how a sign to inbreds like you that things are bad for MS...If ignorance is bliss you must be the happiest moron on the planet.. BTW kids, I do not own nor will I ever own a MS console. It doesnt take an xbots to see reality. Just inbred SOny fans with no clue to ignore it.

AllseeingEye3686d ago

good luck with that one. Why is this not a PS3 and 360 game as well? This game cries for HD graphics. Damn you Capcom!!

ChickeyCantor3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

They didn't do it for the HD machines because it would be to high for their budget.
Thats pretty much it.

Also this might set a new standard for online games on the Wii you will never know.

"One reason why the game will be on the Wii "

I know sounds contradicting to my statement.
However Capcom did say it was mostly due the money.

Kami3686d ago

im waiting for the PSP version.

El_Colombiano3686d ago

Urgh! Screw you Capcom! At least bring it to PS3!

Voiceofreason3685d ago

Yeah Capcom bring it to PS3. We need 4 years of delays and so much focus on graphics that the gameplay completely sucks... Thats a great idea.Who wants things like great games when you can have great graphics after 4 years of delays and then PS3 fans can skip it like they did MGS4 and just buy Blu ray Movies instead.. Wait thats only a good idea if you hate the franchise and want it to be complete crap..

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TheColbertinator3686d ago

This is the exact info I have been waiting for.Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii will keeped me hooked for months.Everything is set and I await the Monster Hunter 3 saga.

ChickeyCantor3686d ago

I never played it but a friend of mine loves it( but he also loves other weird really really weird) So tell me..

TheColbertinator3686d ago

Its a standard JRPG that relies heavily on online console play.Its very popular because the monster battles range from all sorts of creatures.All hunts provide some loot which you use to buy better weapons and armor to hunt down bigger marks.In short,it is exactly the kind of game the Wii needs.Not just 3 hour minigame discs but games that take months even years to complete.Its very fun and I can see Wii owners around the world really getting into enjoy Monster Hunter 3.

With the mentioned improvements and Wii graphical upgrade over PS2,many Hunters will flock to this game

ChickeyCantor3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Ok thnx

edit: Pso as in Phantasy star online?
O loved that game, wanted to ask. but that was more "level" based( as in stage based and 4 bosses)
So i didn't bother.

v1c1ous3686d ago

except. even if you have the best equipment in game, the first boss can buttrape you if you dont apply the skills you learn. and i mean actual skills. there's no magic casting or uber damage attacks here. its all timing and preparation.

TheColbertinator3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )



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Sena Kobayashi3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I Think a publisher such as Capcom can make a game like MH a great game without the HD Graphics. Capcom always brings good games to the fans , I dont think we"ll be dissapointed on this one ... this isnt no Third party type of game(anubis2 and those corny games)

As long the game can top graphics such as the one in Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros It'll be fine for me.

Im of to another Thread with My MAX SPEED!!!

Jecht3686d ago

Online and the Wii? They don't belong in the same sentence. This game will fail. HD graphics has nothing to do with it, MH is based on its online, and if you have the worst online experience of the 3 current consoles, then you're going to have the worst online play possible.

Simple facts Capcommies.

ChickeyCantor3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

"and if you have the worst online experience "

Seriously, compare Mario karts Online with brawls online.
The experience is per game. Monster hunter can have its unique online experience. I really don't see Capcom bring a game to the Wii just to basically screw up online while that is the most important part of the game.

You sound very illogical.

You know another "fact" you don't even know how this game will be in the end.

TheColbertinator3686d ago


Your wrong.The PS2 online service was'nt perfect either.Constant lag,slowdown,horrible lobbies and game crashes made Monster Hunter on the PS2 a pain to play.Nintendo,however, is currently improving their online network.

Jecht3686d ago

@sidar: Doesn't the fact that Nintendo can't even get their own online experience stable in ALL of their games kind of shoot up a red flag? Brawl and Kart are both Nintendo games, both have sh1tty online by comparison to the PS3 or 360, but you're arguing that one is slightly better than the other? Don't you think you're setting the bar low, and hence contribute to the fail that is WiiConnect24?

@Colbert: You just proved me right. Instead of going for a better online service, they go for one that's comparably equal (some would say worse due to friend codes) to the failure that was the PS2's online. And where are the games that "improved" Nintendo's online experience? Why isn't equal among all games that Nintendo makes? If Nintendo can't even get their own online right, what makes you think that Crapcom will do any better?

Seriously, it's like going from bad to slightly less bad. The game will suck, you'll see. I have a Wii, and I'm sure as hell not contributing to the mediocrity that Crapcom chooses to release.

TruthbeTold3686d ago

He proved you right? How so? You said: "MH is based on its online, and if you have the worst online experience of the 3 current consoles, then you're going to have the worst online play possible."

Since MH got its online base on a console with less than or equal to ability as the Wii what you said makes no sense. We all would like a better experience than what was available 3 years ago, and the truth is, with what information we've been given today, and the online competence of Mario Kart Wii and Medal of Honor Heroes 2, we have every reason to expect that this game's online will be great. I'm really only worried about possibly having to use friend codes.

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