Crackdown Dev Responds To Demo Delay

Earlier Today we reported about the Delay Of The Crackdown Demo

Agent G A Developer For The game has posted the below message on the Crackdown Forums.

"Hey Guys - while I can't give you a specific date yet, we are planning to put the demo out very shortly. The delay will be VERY SHORT. I repeat VERY SHORT!!!

Also, you guys should know that this wasn't Microsoft's or any one person's fault. Basically we all just want the demo to ROCK and we determined it needed a wee bit more time to bake before it was ready for primetime.

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marionz5227d ago

crackdown looks lame, it will b another case like saints row and dead rising where it will only get a god review because of hype and the fact that there are few games like it, but it looks rubbish to me, cell shadeing sucks

InMyOpinion5227d ago

Maybe you should try playing it before judging? The graphics look amazing, and the game is very fun to play.

TheMART5226d ago

you see it wrong

The graphics are a diffent style, cartoonish, but with a new edge to it. But they're verry nice, the shaders, effects, the car morphing, the blowups. Just try the demo soon, IF you own a 360

And the gameplay will be large, like freakin' large!

Dusk5226d ago

that you can just accept the fact that people's opinions may differ from yours. Personally, I think Saints Row and Dead Rising are great games. Obviously there are many others that do as well, judging by the solid reviews and sales. Besides, I have a feeling that you didn't even play these games.

THWIP5226d ago

Silly rabbit, such things aren't allowed here; you of all people should know that. :p

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Jay da 2KBalla5227d ago

I cant wait for this game because the co-op is going to be sweet.

JPomper5226d ago

Yeah, online co-op really boosted my interest in this game.

OC_MurphysLaw5226d ago

I think this will open up a lot of gamers to online. Often you hear people say they are intimidated by playing online battles, etc. but getting together with a friend and playing together is far less intimidating.

Anyway, I have mixed feelings on this game. I still am not 100% sold on the graphics... The gameplay looks like a blast but graphically I may have a hard time getting into it. That said...I will be trying it out and give it a fair shake.

Here's to hoping it surpasses the hype.

THWIP5226d ago

....but only from a visual stance. If the gameplay is still solid (the first Sly Cooper was pretty fun) it can overcome the "kiddy"/comic book look. If the gameplay is mediocre/bad (Ultimate Spider-man sucked balls......and don't try to deny it), cell shading only amplifies the game's suckiness.
This game has a great chance of being the former, rather than the latter....but only time will tell. ;)

MissAubrey5226d ago

it did get a 9/10 from OXMUK. sooo i dont know.

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