Harmonix Finally Launching The “Real” Rock Band 4 This Month

Harmonic is finally giving fans what they have wanted since launch but is DLC going to far by offering basic features for money?

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bluefox7551418d ago

Too little, too late. I would have bought the game at launch if it included online multiplayer. But no, they want to sell it to people in an expansion? No thanks.

T2X1418d ago

Actually, the reason for this was stated long ago. Harmonix is no longer under the wings of Activision. They were they prime funding for all of the extra stuff Rock band had previously. Once that support was gone, they weren't even sure about this generation getting Rock Band again. They worked their butts off to make this happen for the fans and then they had to jump through the many hoops for the song licenses etc, as well as all of the deals involved in the hardware upgrades to make it support the instruments (Keyboards were dropped too), Then some people like (Me) who shelled out mucho money on all of the songs like Beatles etc, and invested (500$) in the ION rocker electronic drums set, had to wait on pins and needles to see if they would eventually make those work. It was a long road. So in my opinion, the lousy $20 for the expansion is peanuts next to all the money I've spent. Online for a game this this is a beast to develop and maintain. The money is worth it to real fans. The author of the piece hasn't researched their info.

Cerealmurderer1418d ago

Same with things such as VR for Rock Band that Harmonix is struggling to fund. Even with the lack of funding though online multiplayer shouldn't have been omitted. It's not so much that the article is just calling out rock band but instead the practices used to push DLC

ShadowKing-1418d ago

for me multiplayer is not a really a big deal, but i also don't have a lot of friends who play rock band either. But at least rock band also provided the majority of DLC we purchased from past rock band games as well as most of the songs from past rock band discs. Not to mention we did not have buy new peripherals for this game either.

You can't say this with most games coming out today with the same stuff in it.