Reboot This: 5 Forgotten Video Game Gems

The Getaway, what a terrible/incredible game.

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Zjet693d ago

The Getawat games have not aged well at all. Graphics are fine still. Controls are awful. Anyone who says they arent hasnt played it recently. I tried to replay this game again about 2 months ago.....nope can't do it

C-H-E-F692d ago (Edited 692d ago )

The Getaway had horrible controls when it came out. Playing GTA then going to The Getaway was a horrible transition. But the game itself I think was better than GTA, I enjoyed the series more as a child although it had less features and things to do. I know that's odd, but it's very true. I was also crushed when they cancelled it then closed the studio down that made it because they merged studios. Anyways, why isn't Socom in this listing?

Edit: they should re-release them on the PS4 store, i'd play through them again, could be good nostalgia like I'm doing with the GTA series.

Inzo693d ago

Interesting. My top 5 reboot

1. Black
2. Bully
3. Wonderboy
4. Siphon Filter
5. Double Dragon

SolidGear3693d ago

The new double dragon looks good