30° Xbox 360 Price Cuts Announced, 60GB SKU Launched in the Middle East.

After dolling out price cuts in the USA and Europe, Microsoft today announced that it has lowered prices of all its Xbox 360 SKUs in the Middle East and will be launching the new 60GB model.

Effective of September 19th, 2008, you can find the Xbox 360 Arcade for as low as 750 Dhs, the new 60GB Pro model for 999 Dhs and Xbox Elite for 1,399 Dhs.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3684d ago

The Middle East? Suuure they love American products

peowpeow3684d ago

And nothing for Australia? Come on we started off with the highest prices and the lowest cost for ps3 is still $600? (This is true where i live)