Switch preview: Great console will fall flat without promise of better games for fans - The Sun

The Sun: "Ninty's upcoming £279.99 console might feel great, but it needs more games to play from day one."

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CocoaBrother1012d ago

If it's anything, the indie scene seems to have more announcements coming within the upcoming weeks and I'm looking forward to that(come on Stardew Valley)

Western third party support will most likely be dropped within a year or two but I have hope Japanese developers will support it since the handheld scene is big in Japan. Also helps a Nintendo system is finally region-free. Release Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, Yokai Watch, and Pokémon and watch it sell in Japan. Splatoon 2 may push some units in Japan since the first one was, to my memory, one of the last home console games to surpass million in that territory.

But anyways, it's only been 1 day since the reveal; there's no doubt in my mind more news is to come over the following weeks(Fire Emblem Direct the 18th so many they've got Warriors to talk about with a release date?)

FallenAngel19841012d ago

That headline could be applied to any platform

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1012d ago

Uh Zelda Breath of the WIld, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Splatoon 2, SMT, Octopath Travelers, Dragon Quest games and more. This is like the 3DS&Wii U lineup of franchise.

GameBoyColor1011d ago

I dunno. The games already announced for it are pretty great. Japanese devs are backing the hell out of it. Ea ubisoft and bethesda seem to be on board and it looks like a great home to many indie devs. If western 3rd party support can get on it and actually last this thing has a huge chance to be a success. If not, well the fans of nintendo games and japanese games in general will still support it as best they can and hope nintendo doesn't kill it prematurely.