Skyrim On The Nintendo Switch Might Not Be A Port Of The Xbox One/PS4 Version

ThisGenGaming says "Nintendo's official product listing of Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch shows a lack of features that was added to the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game."

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FallenAngel19841374d ago

It'll be really awkward for Nintendo if this port isn't the current gen version

Liqu1d1374d ago

If it can't even run the current gen version of Skyrim then the Switch isn't going to get much 3rd party support.

nitus101374d ago

Skyrim for the PS4 and XB1 includes the three DLC's as well as some modding capability. Not including the DLC in the Switches version of Skyrim would be a real slap in the face for people wanting to play this game on the Switch.

NukaCola1374d ago

This game is $5 at Gamestop on PS3/360. How much is it going to be on Switch? I wish they would make a Fallout for it. I would rebuy FO3 to play on the go if was under $20. I have the Platinum Trophy on PS3. I didn't rebuy on PS4, and I won't on Switch.

joab7771374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

"Realized like never before" Is this simply that you can play in the go? It hurts a lot that the game that introduces mods to console won't have that option. I've been railing against Sony to get off their high horses b/c mods will be the future of console gaming. The Switch won't survive on old 3rd party games. Sony and MS were very careful this gen not to make Sony's last gen mistake. They created systems that are much easier to build for. Now devs have to consider Nintendo's Switch, and without the numbers, it will never be worth the port. And it will never be the definitive way to play!

TheGamingArt1373d ago

Lol "mods will be the future of console gaming" -- no

joab7771373d ago

Ya don't think that the future will see more and more mods come to console? Why not? I realize that consoles will have to continue to evolve as PCs and Screens grow exponentially, and streaming becomes more of a thing, but why wouldn't mods also play a big part? They are extremely popular and add lasting gameplay and creativity.

Sony doesn't like that content is being given away, just as Valve didn't, but we saw what happened with that!

SublimeStylee21373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Sony has mods what are you taking about?

zivtheawesome1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

i thought it was already confirmed to NOT being the SE
EDIT: never mind comparison images between them making it seem like the SE.

stuna11374d ago

I think you'e referring to NBA 2K 2018. Supposedly they're using a last gen port on that as well.

SublimeStylee21373d ago

Because in video they used smoke n mirror version. they teased a snippet that was clearly the remaster to mislead consumers into hope. But this thing is a joke common Mario and Zelda are hardly worth a second look anymore same stale graphics. Same gameplay. Same rewashed levels and areas over and over. With so many new ips and killer games who actually would care for this??

Wallstreet371374d ago

Its already rumored by insiders FIFA WILL also be a ps3/360 port. What did some of you expect? This system is a weak console that is obvious and everyone has been saying it except fanatics. Enjoy it for what it is but don't expect Battle Field games and many of the more realistic quality AAA games.

StormLegend1374d ago

WiiU 2.0 in disguise do not buy this crap.