Nintendo Online Service Free Timed Monthly NES and SNES Are Backward

As everyone was eating up every bit of news from last nights conference, Nintendo did slip one additional detail into their description of their new pay-for online service.

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FallenAngel19842204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

So let's break this down.

- Nintendo will be charging for a subscription service that is inferior and has less benefits to what's offered on PSN & XBL.
- Instead of giving subscribers free Switch, Wii U, and 3DS games, they're deciding to giving either an NES or an SNES game away. That's one game per month as opposed to several.
- There doesn't even to seem to be a choice for a selection of classic N64, GCN, or Wii games.
- Now it's revealed you don't even get to keep games that are offered monthly. Once the month is over the game will be taken and you'll have to purchase it to continue playing it.

Nintendo I can't even understand how you continue to be so backwards in your online efforts. I can understand less how there will still be people who damage control this. God forbid if they continue to lock your digital content to your hardware instead of your account like they've been doing for the past 11 years.

lodossrage2204d ago

I said that same thing and people called me a fanboy for it.

I don't see how people can jump for joy over games that predate the ps1/ sega saturn era being monthly free games. You can ALREADY get those free with roms and emulators. They SHOULD go the GCN/ N64 route instead like you're saying.

But the problem is instead of pointing out the issues, Nintendo's fans are praising this.

This isn't even about fanboyism of any kind at this point. The reason Nintendo has been so far behind in many factors of gaming is because too many of their fans sit back and take it. Nintendo can get back their former glory if their fans would just stop sitting on their hands and let them know when something isn't acceptable. And that goes for any company, not just Nintendo

RpgSama2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

The worst part is not that the games are old, I don't mind that, some of my favorite games are from the Nes, Snes, Sega Genesis era, it would be great to get Tales of Phantasia, Bahamut Lagoon, Chrono Trigger for free on the Switch, my biggest issue is that they are ONLY giving away NES and SNES games and that you don't even get to keep them, at the end of the month if you want to keep playing them you have to buy them (on top of paying for the online service).

lodossrage2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )


Yeah, not keeping them is an issue too.

Granted the PS4, XB1, PS3, and PS Vita, don't let you keep them either (only the 360 allows that). But these games are NES and SNES for god sake. They SHOULD let you keep them on account that they're WAY past their prime.

I can understand the current gen not letting you keep them since we're talking current (and sometimes brand new) games.


Yeah I know they don't let you keep them. I just said that wrong. I meant more along the line of that you don't lose them just so long as you renew your membership to them. My mistake. The 360 does let you keep them however even if you stop buying into the service.

RpgSama2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )


The other 2 guys don't let you keep them if you stop paying for the service, but as long as you do, they are forever "yours", in Nintendo's case they only lend you the game for the month, if you want to keep playing them, you have to buy them, online service or not.

pwnsause_returns2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

I thought the xbox let's you keep them for good even after your subscription is done

As for Nintendo, it's really stupid, I can play these games on emulation on pc, if they don't fix it now, it's gonna backfire on them

lodossrage2204d ago


That's only for the xbox 360. The XB1 acts exactly like the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

indysurfn2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

I'm a Nintendo fan I'm sorry they are doing it. People fighting to be blanked over is a habbit of a society that defends zero taxes PAID by the super rich while making it nearly 30% for the middle class (who also works hard for our money).

But then again I turned against Microsoft when they came up with all those (policies: DRM, and 24 hour check in, you have to pay a fee to trade your game,etc ) even though I was previously a Microsoft enthusiast, xbox (original) prepay (in full, plus games), a xbox360 pre pay in full plus games. I am not a fool, or an ostrich that will be loyal to a brand that is back stabbing me. Even though Nintendo is not trying to take away ownership rights, or anything that severe. This is tight wading, not even half stepping! Why blank your momentum for this Nintendo?

Here is a thought Nintendo, if I get a free game and have a month to play it this is what REALLY will happen. I only have time to play that one game and not buy your new ones, because I work do other stuff.

indysurfn2203d ago

@lodossrage I keep my PS4, and PS3 games. I think Xbox lets me do it too. I have not downloaded any recently.

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CrimsonWing692204d ago

Typical Nintendo way of thinking, these guys are completely out of touch...

darthv722204d ago

Since its just being announced, maybe that is all they have thought of for now. Perhaps as the service progresses they will offer gcn, n64 and wii games.

The sad part is that you get this game of the month for free and then the next month it becomes invalid when it should just simply remain free to play for those who got it before the next month rolls out. Selling the game to those who missed out, I can see but to sell it to those who initially had it for free... makes no sense

FunAndGun2204d ago

While I do think that is not enough of a bonus for an online subscription. They did state that the "free" monthly title will have "newly-added online play". So maybe those old monthly games will have some added content in some way. It would be kinda neat to play the original Mario Kart with online capabilities.

NapalmSanctuary2204d ago

The value proposition for their online service and controllers & accessories is definitely their weak point.

indysurfn2203d ago

Okay FallenAngel1984 as of now (mine included) you have 47 agrees and 0 disagrees!!! That tells me that not only the xbox, and PS4, and PC fans agree but even the Nintendo fans that are voting agree!!!

This message is to you - Nintendo. I have NEVER seen such a consensus on N4G. Even Xbox one DRM and 24 hour check in, and you have to pay a fee to trade your game controversy had at fee ostriches defending it. Microsoft had poor sales until they changed there policy, you will get backlash too. You already are in a unmeasured. Lost sales do to this new info.

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LOL_WUT2204d ago

I bet you it'll be games no one bought off the VC like Mario baseball, golf, Excitebike etc. ;)

eferreira2204d ago

Honestly don't understand why they can't just do it like their competition. What's more embarrassing is that there's no voice chat and in game chat until the holidays.

Feels like they rushed the launch to get ahead of the scorpio. I'm holding off on this system and I'll buy Zelda on my wii u

v_eno_m2204d ago

"Honestly don't understand why they can't just do it like their competition."

they've never done it like their competition, cause in their world, they isn't any. They continue to beat to their own drum, sad to gets old to hear.

i'm buying a switch for zelda. If anything, that presentation was garbage....drop the translators and use sub-titles as they did for Reggie for the US discussion

feraldrgn2204d ago

Should have offered emulated Wii U games, but they went for the cheapest option available.

2204d ago
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