Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Switch vs Wii U comparison picture

Dystify on Twitter: “Zelda: BotW on Switch vs Wii U. Quite the difference.”

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Lennoxb631375d ago

All I see is better shadow quality on the Switch version. Nothing major.

Erik73571374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Well seeing that this can be a handheld when you want it to it seems very impressive to me.

SenorFartCushion1374d ago

I don't think you'll find many people who get that it is a handheld.

jmc88881374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Who cares if it is a handheld?

5-10 percent yes.

90-95 percent don't care, and see it as a drawback and reason why it's 2007 power in 2017 for $299 + necessary peripheral prices (storage/pro controller) that push it past PS4 Pro prices, and nearing Scorpio's rumored price of $499.

Then you have the crappy online that is going to be a deal breaker for many fence sitters who already pay for PS+ or XBlive or BOTH.

Nintendo needs to come down from their Ivory Towers in Mushroom Kingdom.

Utalkin2me1374d ago

Obviously youre totally amazed that it is a handheld it seems. Thats your one throw back and you comment in every article youre in defending. There is other tablets with just as much and more power then the switch. That has larger HDD and better battery life.

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Irishguy951374d ago

Textures are better too. Ps4 Pro - Ps4

pcz1374d ago

doesnt the game have a real time day/weather system? that could mean that the comparisons could be taken at slightly different times of the day with slight variations in the light.

ie one video compared with another of the same scene could appear to have more contrast simply because the sun was in a different place.

Lennoxb631374d ago

IGN has a side by side comparison at the same time of day with cut scenes. Same thing. Better shadow quality.

conanlifts1374d ago

So the picture is due to the focal point being in a different place and the video is due to it being a different time of day. If you are not trolling you need to take a step back and look at what you are saying.

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Paytaa1375d ago

Why is it so difficult for Nintendo to create just one traditional console that keeps up with the times? I get that trying new things is cool and sometimes pays off, but can someone tell me why anyone should buy a Switch over a PS4 or an XB1?

Everyone has fond memories of the NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube because of the mentality of mostly traditional gaming in mind.

I loved the Gamecube and N64 and wish Nintendo did something like that again.

Gimmicks sell quick initially, but if you're not all about Nintendo only games, why would you get a Switch? I want someone to convince me why it's a good sell.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Why should anyone bother trying to convince you, when it feels like you'd have an excuse prepared for any reason given?
But since you've asked, I'll play the fool for once and try a serious answer...

The Switch is going to get great games.
Some you'll be able to play on other consoles, others you won't.
Of those that are on other consoles AND Switch, most of them will be games using art styles that will not have much graphical quality variance, like RIME or Binding of Issac, and will therefore look and play fantastic on the Switch.
But even for the ones that don't use less taxing art styles, they'll still be in HD and will still look and play great.

So the real question here, is whether or not you only want one system this gen?
If you're okay with more than one, then the Switch will get plenty of games that will look, and play, just as well on Switch as anywhere else, only the Switch will let you take said home console games with you, if you go out a lot.
It isn't guaranteed to get every third party game on the market, but it won't be short of choices, and will be a perfectly valid choice of system for any open-minded multi-console gamer that likes the idea of having a home console game selection to play on the go.

But if none of that matters to you, and the only thing you want is tons of third party games at the highest fidelities possible, then you shouldn't be on a console.
You should be on PC, regardless of expense (save up, like everyone else does.XD), and just wait for the inevitable emulators to play certain exclusives that you don't want to get a console for.

Deadpooled1374d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Nintendo Defence Force has arrived. Why can't you just admit the frailties of the console and Nintendo's current practices instead of going into spin? Ignore history and failings and be doomed to repeat it.


a very mature reply there conversing in a logical and straightforward manner.... Reported for inappropriate immaturity.

wonderfulmonkeyman1374d ago

Screw the both of you; when's the last time you took SONY or MICROSOFT to task for their failings with their consoles, like I have with the Switch and the state of its online?

You're both worse fanboys than I could ever be, and Nintendo haters to boot.
The next time, if I want any lip from either of you, either wait 'till I jiggle my zipper, or stfu.

Goldby1372d ago

oh bud you haven't one taken nintendo to town, only reason your bitching about the online is cuz u need to upgrade your phoen to start talking with your friends.

the switch is a joke on every side.

a game in developement for the entire (albeit short) life span of WiiU and they couldn't get that running at 1080p tells me that the power is very close to the WiiU which means that every $$ you are spending on the console is for the gimmicks.

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Erik73571374d ago

Well if you dont want you dont want it.

I think it offers a nicer experience becauce you can take it on the go.

WelkinCole1374d ago

Actually because it is different that I am buying it. I already have a ps4 so I don't need another console like it.

pcz1374d ago

nintendo are fully aware they can not compete with a core system anymore. by making a gimmick driven console they create a niche for themselves in the market.

ie its nintendo clinging on for dear life any way they can

jmc88881374d ago

They can compete. They just don't want to try. A $299 3 TFlop part competes no matter what.

notachance1374d ago

It's not a good primary console, but it's a great choice for secondary console. And honestly? it's already 4 years since this gen started, most core gamers already have their choice of primary console. it's about time to invest on secondary console, and that's most likely why nintendo choose this time to release their console.

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jmc88881374d ago

I know, for $299 they could of made a 3 TFlop part and enticed everyone with a regular PS4 or XB1 to buy a NIntendo console. They'd get Nintendo games (like BOTW at rock solid 1080/60 and better IQ) and they'd get BETTER versions of all the AAA 3rd party games. Hell actually getting the AAA 3rd party games.

Instead we got this, and you still need to buy a controller and a SD card so the price literally goes up past a PS4 Pro with just those things, and PS4 Pro, if rumors are true, and we've seen NOTHING to think it isn't true, 28x the power of Switch undocked and 11x when docked.

Who wants to pay more for that much less.

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conanlifts1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Are people being deliberately negative. Thats actually a reasonable difference. Better textures, more clarity and detail. It is also a bigger difference than many remastered games. Look at the tree on the left in both. Better textures and shadows. On the right the leaves merge into one on the wii u but can be distinguished individually on switch. The bridge has better textures etc.

My only issue is what are we looking at. Is the switch docked. If so when it is not docked how does it compare to the wii u version? More info is needed.

But the difference is clear between the pictures.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1374d ago

I said this in the past on this site.
They generally hate Nintendo. No matter what they do. Right or Wrong, Have the best game or not, sells a lot of units or not.

It's forever hate. Wii sold the most in 7th generation. Was called a fluke, 3DS has some the best games and sold a lot. - Gets ignored by the community besides the folks who love the system and Nintendo and I can go on.

Nintendo in their eyes is nothing but doomed, dead on arrival, irrelevant and so on.

conanlifts1374d ago

You might have a point. For me i say what i think. It can be seen in my comments that i will be critical if i dislike something and positive when i like it. I try not to play favourites and realise the switch and any console has good and bad.
But regarding this image the difference is very obvious from what i can see, i would like to see wii u vs docked vs undocked though.

Bimkoblerutso1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It's just not a generational leap in power by any means (and it's still unclear just how big an impact undocking will have on games, for that matter). So in essence, Nintendo is asking us all to once again accept that a gimmick is going to carry it's new console through it's entire lifespan. Which I'm not saying is not possible, but considering their last two generations...I am not optimistic.

The Nintendo hate is a little overbearing, I agree, but I don't think it's completely unwarranted, to tell the truth.

wonderfulmonkeyman1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

People are downplaying the differences because they don't want to accept that the Switch is much more capable than they're giving it credit for.
I'm no graphics fanatic and even I can tell there's quite a few differences.
Game Explain put out a couple of videos showcasing differences between the two systems' Zelda versions that do an even better job of showing just how much more draw distance and detail the Switch is capable of showing.
Breath of the Wild is a true current gen AAA exclusive.
And anti-Nintendo console war soldiers hate hearing it, but it's true that it looks great and, from all indications, plays amazing.

Erik73571374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )


People are here are ridiciously and stupidly hateing on it. It looks phenominal and I dont think they like seeing Nintendo succeding with a interesting console.

conanlifts1374d ago

Are they recent videos? Do you have the link? Would love to check it out.

Goldby1372d ago

it looks like a great game. ill go pick it up on the WiiU and by that i mean, ill go buy a wii u and the game, cuz i aint given any of my money towards that cancer of a design choice for the Switch.

Erik73571374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Nothing is changed visually when you undock it. Supposidly just resolution for this game.

conanlifts1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

If that's the case it would be barely noticeable due to the screen size. I have a love hate relationship with zelda. Ocarina of time is possibly the best game i have ever played. But i have hated every zelda game since then ( no idea why). Will pick this up with switch in the hope that it rekindles my enjoyment for Zelda.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1374d ago

Aonuma confirmed it has faster loading and better framerate.

MRMagoo1231374d ago


I'm pretty sure they confirmed it's the same frame rate as wiiu

wonderfulmonkeyman1374d ago

Here's one from MasterofHyrule over on Youtube. the side by side nature really highlights the increased clarity of the Switch version. It looks like there might even be a bit more foliage in some scenes compared to Wii U;

conanlifts1374d ago

Thanks. It is a big difference. Easy to see, particularly at the beginning around the 1:10 mark.

pcz1374d ago

i think you are wrong. it simply looks like the snap was taken when the focal point was in a different place. if the player moved the camera a tiny bit, the tree/log/leaves would probably be in sharper focus.

conanlifts1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It's clearly better textures nothing to do with focus. Check the video out from the link above. There is a clear difference.

Kurdishcurse1374d ago

yah. and its mostly the ps4 folk on here.

MRMagoo1231374d ago

can't stop crying about the ps4 even in Nintendo articles huh

vulsker1374d ago

I agree with you on that. If you look at the detail difference and then take in account that it also runs at a higher resolution, it is a pretty big difference.

I do prefer my PS4 and X1 but I enjoy Nintendo for what they bring. Not many people believe that the Wii U was actually not a weak system, it just used a different architecture which made it look much much weaker. Now by no means am I saying that this system is powerful but I think it will be just fine for what it is attempting to accomplish.

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