Final Fantasy XV’s World Deserves Better Side Quests

Players take side quests for granted now, but the release of last year's Final Fantasy XV is a reminder that not all side quests are created equal.

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Player3Podcast2708d ago

I think The Witcher 3 is the gold standard for side quests. Fallout has really good ones, as well.

MKUltra2708d ago

Measuring everything against The Witcher can be a bit unfair but there are so many games with great side quests. Bethesda is pretty creative for sure

ArchangelMike2708d ago

I remember when the devs promised that The Witcher 3 wouldn't have any fetch quests and how every side quest would be a mini-story; well they delivered on that promise in spades. On the other hand nearly all of FFXV side-quests are really dull and uninspired fetch quests.

goldwyncq2707d ago

One of the rare games where the sidequests were actually better than the main quests.

SeanScythe2708d ago

it may not have the best side quest but I've played this with way more interest then I had for witcher 3 and fallout4.

MKUltra2708d ago

The combat in FFXV is so great that it's easy to ignore the problems with side quests. Game is still super fun

shadowknight2032707d ago

I agree. FF15 gameplay was incredible. I did 80 side quest trophy/achievement and it didn't even feel like a choar!

Jared8Randall2708d ago

Damnit man, if we hold every game up next to Witcher 3, they all suck. But hey, I'm not trying to do MMO style quests in my AAA IP, so thanks for the range here

Skaymore2707d ago

Still need to play this game!!!

Blu3_Berry2707d ago

It still has better side quests than other recent jrpgs that's for sure. It's not perfect but no game is. And as others stated, it is unfair to compare it to The Witcher 3.

MKUltra2707d ago

JRPG side quest design can be very different than what we find in Western RPGs. The differences are pretty interesting

Darkfist_Flames2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I agree, its one of the few jrpgs that i had fun completing side-quests, most of them are just straight to the point with hardly any fetch quest.

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The Xbox showcase brought the E3 magic

After having to prove itself for years, Xbox doubled down and pulled it off..

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GaboonViper3d ago

Yep Xbox absolutely knocked it out of the park with that stunning show, it was everything a gaming showcase should be, games games and games, well done team Xbox.

CrimsonWing692d ago

It really did. Like I came out of that with the hype for new games I haven’t felt since… well the better years of E3.