Joy Con Controller Will Cost $79.99

Get ready to fork over some big cash if you want extra Joy Con controllers for Nintendo Switch. The innovative little devices will run $79.99 for a set of two.

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crazychris41241621d ago

Doesnt even include the charge grip which is another $30 so $110 just for an extra set for a friend to play with you.

Erik73571621d ago

Don't need that for a friend to play with you. Already have two controllers to play two player local co op with the system.

NukaCola1620d ago

Why would you buy one? Like if you lost it? They are not the same. You need the Right JC for Amiibo support.

I personally think these are ridiculously small, but truthfully, the Controllers are really awesome and provide a lot of cool uses. That is NOT the issue. The system should of been cheaper, but that is NOT really the issue either. The prices are terrible I will give you that. That Pro Controller should NOT be $70!

What is the power of this system?

Trophy Support?

What do you mean Smart Device to communicate or set up games? Like there is an App and the console cannot interact with other online? You need an outside device?

How much is this Online service? What does it do?

Where are the games? Metroid? Donkey Kong? Something? So.... not even a SMASH port at launch?

What does the online community look like? Friends? Sharing? The Store?

Nothing was explained in the event. It was so horrendous. It's like looking through the bars of a cage adn you are watching something you love cut itself apart peace by peace with a rusty butterknife all along while it's smiling and telling you it is going to be OK.

RIP Nintendo. This was your chance. I don't see how it can be saved. I just see it. Help Obi Wan Miyamoti, you're my only hope!

blackblades1620d ago

Daaaam, that's expensive, and here I thought ps4 and xbox controllers was expensive.

FallenAngel19841621d ago

God help you if you lose or break these tiny buggers

Utalkin2me1621d ago

Not only ridiculous price. They are so tiny, no way those will be comfortable for me.

masso91121621d ago

Any word on how long will the joycon's battery life be while playing on TV mode?

Stevonidas1621d ago

Rumors say 20 hours per JoyCon.

darthv721621d ago

lol... so the joycons last longer than a playthrough of the system. Maybe they need to make it so the joycons can add their battery power to the switch when linked together. A collective power source of the joycons and the switch unit to provide a bit longer off dock play.

masso91121614d ago

That"s a great ammoint of time, now if only the system itself cojld at least last 5 hours on the most taxing games...

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The story is too old to be commented.