Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2742d ago

Almost time folks.....let's see if Nintendo fans can make through this event without dying from hype........
Only The Strong Will Survive This Event~

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Utalkin2me2741d ago

You mean dying from a terrible presentation along with lack of games?

Gaming_Cousin2742d ago

Disagree if you are hyped
Agree if you are not
:P I'm hyped

Moonman2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I'm hyped. :)

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

I'm excited but I'm keeping my expectations extremely low.

I just want a price point and Zelda confirmation for launch.

In Animal Crossing would be nice...
A paper Mario that is actually like Thousand-Year Door..
Maybe a Smash Brothers Melee HD 😁

whitesoxfalife19762742d ago

i was a huge animal crossing fan back on the gamecube days...It was totally different from what i normally plays at that time....
Hopefully this kills all these weird rumors now wanting to surface....

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

I personally still think that's one of the best animal crossing games but trust me give Animal Crossing new Leaf a chance I seriously believe it is one of the best animal crossing games and that maybe Animal Crossing make sense on a portable.

I still want a respectable sequel to Animal Crossing that actually progresses the series. This is a game that has so much potential it's a shame that a publisher like Nintendo has not respectfully progressed this series to what it possibly could be.

This is one of the many examples where I feel what's hurting Nintendo are the higher-ups in regards to the publisher with the designers have great ideas that likely are not allowed to be implemented I just don't believe that the people were making Animal Crossing simply want to keep making the same thing I actually believed they likely wanted to add so many other features.

It's to the point where I have a difficult time even believing that an animal crossing game is even taking any of these developers years to create when it sounds like it's a simple job of just porting the game over and just adding a couple new features I've never really felt like any of the animal crossing games after the Gamecube or actually legitimate sequels as much as just ports with some add-ons.

You would have to question the amount of time spent to develop in Animal Crossing exactly what was happening if it's basically the same thing with small changes?

Animal Crossing new Leaf is still a very very good Animal Crossing game but I still want more progression in the series.

deafdani2742d ago

Ah, but I thought you were talking about what you were expecting to see TONIGHT.

If we're talking in general, then yes, Animal Crossing for Switch is bound to happen at some point. A new Paper Mario is likely, too.

But I was talking about tonight specifically.

Moonman2742d ago

I'm glad we at least already had a brief introduction to the system. Zelda is dope and if it launches with Switch it will be awesome. Just excited to see the games.

deafdani2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Animal Crossing: maaaayyyyyyyybe.
Paper Mario like Thousand Year Door: no chance in hell, especially not this soon after the latest Paper Mario release. Forget about it, not happening.
Smash Bros Melee HD: extremely unlikely (though not impossible). Best hope is Melee as a Virtual Console Gamecube title.

Price point we will get, and Zelda at launch is very likely if we go by Laura Kate Dale's and Eurogamer's reports.

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

Lol boooooo deaf!!

I think an animal crossing is extremely likely but I agree with you with the last two are probably not happening anytime soon, if ever with melee HD

Also because they're Outsourcing Paper Mario anyway who's to say they're not working on one with some other team right now?

I also don't want melee on Virtual Console, I simply want an HD remaster with gameplay online.

I know it can't cost them that much money to produce.

TheFirstClassic2742d ago

If you want melee hd with online there is always netplay at anthers ladder. Surprisingly easy to set up, as long as your pc is gud enough.

DigitalRaptor2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

If you want to lower your expectations, here's a perfect image created by someone at GAF: http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

Zelda is a must have for launch.

You mention Smash Bros Melee HD, which would be cool. I hope they could find a way to get GameCube games on the Virtual Console, and have them upgraded visually and frame rate. It's probably asking a lot, but improvements like this would be amazing and I would spend a lot of money on GC games: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Oh... and Nintendo absolutely NEEDS a unified account system for this console, otherwise it would just be yet another struggle for me and my digital games.

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

Yes a unified account system is an absolute must but I'm pretty positive Nintendo has commented that they are indeed doing that for the future.

Neonridr2742d ago

could you imagine if NIntendo and Square made a Super Mario RPG 2?? Holy shit that would be awesome.. :P

I agree with you EDMIX. I just want to know the price, exact release date and confirmation that Zelda is coming at launch or worst case scenario like a week later :P

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago


Because I'm already not purchasing it at launch I only really want to know the price and if Zelda will release as I'm probably going to purchase it around summer when I have more time.

I think my only safe guess is Animal Crossing

fenome2742d ago

That was one of my favorite games on SuperNES, I still have my old copy :p

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sdcard4gb2742d ago

Well, let's hope they show something that will reignite my interest in the Sweitch, also, here's hoping for some 3DS game announcements.

quent2742d ago

3ds game will probably be crossplatform from now on

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

That depends if they're going to even continue creating 3DS games.


wonderfulmonkeyman2742d ago

Don't count on 3DS games in this Switch presentation.
It's going to be 100% focused around the Switch because it's the reveal of the launch state of the console.
Later Directs may cover both at once, though.

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

Ummm, yet it has Wii u games?

Sure. I don't think you're going to see 3DS games on the switch in regards to current titles but I can't say 100% never if you factor that it's even getting Wii U ports.

wonderfulmonkeyman2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

@ ed

It's a home console first and foremost; of course it's going to get ports of games from the last one. The majority of home consoles have done this.XD
That isn't a guarantee of anything regarding 3DS ports, especially considering architectural differences.
And there are a lot of good reasons why they wouldn't bother putting older 3DS games onto the Switch, not the least of which is control issues they'd have to spend dev time changing to make them work on Switch.

Newer ones are a different story, since they can just design the 3DS games without touch functions then make a Switch port, but I can pretty much guarantee that this presentation will be all about home console games for the Switch. Not 3DS games.
Closest you'll see to a 3DS section is maybe a Pokèmon Stars announcement.

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

@wonder- "It's a home console first and foremost"

But it works on the go which is by default a portable... Sorry but, well facts.

"they wouldn't bother putting older 3DS games onto the Switch, not the least of which is control issues they'd have to spend dev time changing to make them work on Switch"

The exact same thing could actually be said about the Wii U...

"all about home console games for the Switch"

? That doesn't make any sense because all those games can be taken with you on the go...

Regardless of how you're trying to look at the terminology portable simply means you could take it with you on the go and it still functions by default all the games that are announced are still portable games.

Are there games that are releasing for the switch that only work inside of the dock?

Because I seriously think you're going to have to get over that this device is a portable.

Did you also forget that the Wii U used two screens?

....Yet they made that work on the switch

The switch has the same architecture as the Wii U? Cause they are apparently making that work with the switch.

Sorry but 3DS's it's not out of the question.

Not even slightly the fact that a Pokemon game is even coming to the switch is enough to suggest it's possible.

Mind you, a portable game is still an actual video game which actually means regardless of how you feel about the damn terminology the same games that were made on 3DS will likely find their way to switch considering Nintendo is putting all their development teams on this one device

I don't think you're suddenly never going to see Pokemon games any longer or any of the franchises that they had on portable.

"Newer ones are a different story, since they can just design the 3DS games without touch functions"

....Wii U games are coming to switch..Lol