Pure boss: Colour difference between 360 and PS3 is comparable to a "good LCD from a Plasma"

Speaking to VG247 today, Pure director Jason Avent said that the differences between PS3 and 360 were comparable to the differences between LCD and Plasma TVs.

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AllseeingEye3775d ago

Choose one!! Which one is better!! LOL. I'm glad this guy isn't choosing sides and just stating facts. I'm sure fanboys will read further into his words to create some kind of battle.

Nate Frog3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

After E3 2005, I expected the PS3 to be miles ahead of the 360. But E3 '06, it was obvious that sony had bs'ed everyone. The PS3 has finally came into it's own and generally performs on par with the 360. But it definately isn't doing anything the 360 can't do, and I personally don't think it ever will. Anyone that tells people otherwise is brainwashed fool.

Drekken3775d ago

Nate why would a dev put extra work into the PS3 to make multiplats look better???? Let the exclusives do the talking.

You are a blind bat if you think Sony's machine isnt more powerful.

SeanScythe3775d ago

@ Nate
I haven't seen the 360 pull off anything like Uncharted, MGS4 or Motorstorm.... Let alone LBP, Killzone 2 or the shear scale of R2.

ericnellie3775d ago

If you need to describe a game as being better by using the words "softer colors" you're better off being a interior decorator than a gamer. I just can't believe that these comparisons are still going on - it's like beating a dead horse!

Anton Chigurh3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

hey buddy
you should see Call of Juarez , that game can beat anything in terms of graphics expect for crysis

I would really like to see ther next game which is Warhound

lowcarb3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Drekken: developers put extra work into Xbox games and they always looked better. Also exlcusives are not the way to judge the more powerful console because we will never know if it is possible on the other. Even Kojima said MGS4 was possible on 360 while Epic said GEOW was not possible on PS3.

edit 1.3 Sean: Kojima said MGS4 was possible on 360 and Uncharted didn't look better then Gears and is to this day debatable. I've played them both and the few good looking parts in uncharted don't look as good to me as Gears and reviews. Also the PS3 is suppose to be light years ahead of 360 so how is it ahead when everygame you mentioned can be done on 360. Shear scale my azz lol....Sony fans are a delusional bunch already setting themselves up for a big disappointment.

Edit 1.5 anton: Good point and one they have all seem to have forgotten.

Nate Frog3775d ago

Guys if you think the PS3 has ANYTHING that isn't possible on 360, you are fooling yourself. I've seen plenty of games multi-plat and exclusive that rival anything exclusive to the PS3.
Mass Effect
Gears of War
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
Splinter Cell: Double Agent

You guys need to wipe the fanboyism out of your eyes. No one except PS3 fanboys think the PS3 is doing more graphically than 360.

Immaculate3775d ago

I had a ps3 up until Christmas, and I haven't seen it do anything the 360 hasn't already done. The ps3 doesn't live up to the hype that was around it, that's for sure.

dantesparda3775d ago

Call of Jaurez does not look that good, not even close! Check my gamertag and you'll see that I beat that sh1t a long time ago. The game is weak and the graphics were weak too and so is your opinion if you think otherwise. And Nate stop calling other people a "fanboy", like you aint one.

ShinMaster3775d ago

Burnout Paradise, SW: Force Unleashed, and soon Mirror's Edge.


PURE is just bad porting, period.

Besides, the problem with Pure, like other games, is that the HDMI range was not set to "FULL". And that has been proven over and over.
It's no different with this again.

SlippyMadFrog3775d ago

So thats 2 out of how many multiplats (mirrors edge not yet released)? lol, When will you fools learn that IT DOESN'T MATTER. If you just own the PS3, who cares how it looks on the Xbox360. You need to compare them side by side to spot a difference anyway. Just get both consoles and all this silliness will disappear.

Neo Geo3775d ago

I like my PS3, but I agree with Nate Frog. My PS3 hasn't wowed me anymore graphically than my 360.

deeznuts3775d ago

Nate Frog, funny you mentioned Gears and Mass Effect. Both which are exclusive (console wise) and both had some loading and pop in problems. Mass Effect was so bad the PC version "fixed" it.

I own all consoles, so I don't care, but don't put those games out there. Both very fun games though.

MNicholas3774d ago

It comes down to two factors.

1) Unlike the PS3, which has hardware HDR (FP16 high dynamic range) the 360 does not. It only supports FP10 output, which is MDR (medium dynamic range).

2) Because the 360 does not have true HDR output, it's output chip alters the output to sort of compensate for the lack of dynamic range, kind of how and upscale chip compensates for a DVD's poor resolution.

In particular it takes an average of the brightness of the image then biases darker areas towards black so that the brighter parts of the screen have more pop while causing the darker parts of the screen to become too dark and loose detail. While overall it reduces the detail displayed rather significantly (for example dark colors simply show up as black rather than show a lot of detail differences and gradual transition), it does reduce the chances of banding and other artifacts in brighter areas of the screen.

nieto3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

come on Nate Frog almost all of those games look generic, neither of those are at the graphics quality of Uncharted, MGS4 or Heavenly Sword. Gears and Bioshock are the only games that are on par with ps3 exclusives and if you been around n4g this past weeks you would know that the Bioshock ps3 version it's superior to the one on the x360.

if you weren't so blind with fanboyism you would had read the article before starting to rant about stupid things. the developers of pure say that they don't know how to use the ps3 as well as the x360 besides you should try the MotorStorm PF demo that is on quore to see that it looks a lot better than Pure with your own eyes.

you're the type of fanboy that can't accept the true. i'm sure that when killzone 2 comes out even if in every review everybody says that the graphics are incredible you're going to say that Gears 2 looked better or some other stupid sh1t.

i accept that i'm a fanboy but i try to be unbiased when i talk in the gamer zone but i talk sh1t in the open zone for fun and i could say that all of your comments are open zone material if you know what i mean.

you're arguing about the colors for christ sake!
you want pretty colors on the PS3? play Ratchet & Clank ToD. that game it's not only pretty color it has one of the best graphics in this gen and it's quite fun too but you're way too blind to see beyond your nose.

how's my english? i think i'm improving... ;-D

f7897903774d ago

They need to beat a dead horse or else they would start beating each other directly. (which has happened I'm sure)

Dareaver13774d ago

the 360 can do fp16, be sure to fully explore the information you attain from the web.

The "Special" FP10 HDR mode is basically free as it has the same performance and memory metrics as the standard FP8 mode and as the 4xFSAA is also basically free then in that context... yes XENOS provides "Free" HDR + 4xFSAA. There are certain limitations to that special FP10 HDR mode... but... developers have a lot of options to which mode they can use.

Going to simplify this... FP8 is what is standard today and is the baseline for performance and memory usage, the standard FP10 mode has a small hit to performance and requires a bit more memory storage. The standard FP16 mode has an significant hit to performance and requires quite a bit more memory storage. The "Special" FP10 mode on XENOS allows for the benefits of FP10, but with restrictions on the alpha channel (transparency) with the same performance and memory storage as the standard FP8 mode. Additionally... XENOS can perform all of these modes with FSAA active unlike the Geforce 7800/RSX which can not (it can do FSAA or it can do HDR, but not both at the same time).

It's up to the developer what is going to be used and each mode has advantages and disadvantages... again part of XENOS's flexibility.

the 360 can do fp16, it's up to the developers to use it, because there are performance hits when using it.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

This is interesting, but there are more PlayStation 3 games running at 1080p at 60fps than the XBOX 360 games. Having a higher resolution means higher textures like seen in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Actually there are hardly any 720p XBOX 360 games and no retail XBOX 360 games run at 1080p. I'm pretty sure the downloadable games can go up to 1080p, but Microsoft at launch didn't make the console full HD (High Definition). You can tell by the main menu screen for each console on a SD (Standard Definition) TV, the XBOX 360 doesn't change.

I bought an HDTV for HD gaming and Sony exclusives run at least 720p if not 1080p, download or physical. Plus with 50GB of data that should tell you alone what each can or can't handle. Even if specs. are the same the media disc holds more and the console itself pushes more polygons (HD resolution). That's why I think the Original XBOX didn't make much of an impact with better tech, both machines ran on the same media format (DVD9). A 8.54GB Grand Theft Auto (GTA) (PS2) is a 8.54GB GTA (XBOX), but a 50GB GTA (PS3) is significantly different than a 8.54GB GTA (360). With the combination of both makes PlayStation 3 exclusives look better, is my theory.

MNicholas3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

1) Trying FP16 on the 360 is like forcing a square peg through a round hole. The architecture is simply not designed for it.

2) FP16 is easy on the PS3. True, hardware AA is taken out of the equation when FP16 is enabled but at 1080P no one cares about AA anyway. Furthermore, many games on current platforms (including many prominent Xbox360 titles), don't even use regular AA, they use a modified motion blur.

3) You wrote: "yes XENOS provides "Free" HDR + 4xFSAA" This is complete and utter nonsense and has been proven so by actual 360 developers who've publically contradicted this claim (a broken promise by Microsoft) on forums like Beyond3d as well as in conversations with journalists. It's because it's not "free" that so many 360 games do not have HD resolution, HDR, or 4xFSAA.

4) FP8 to FP10 is a small jump. FP10 (Xbox360) to FP16 (PS3) is a huge leap in quality. What's more, the raw pixel shader power of the PS3 enables new kinds of HDR such as that used by Heavenly Sword.

5) For an idea of where console graphics are going (and 360 won't be able to follow) check out Eurogamer's review of WipeoutHD which runs at 1080P & 60fps.

Quote from Eurogamer:

"WipEout HD has left me agitated and dissatisfied. Before the usual suspects scamper off to post a comment, with their PS3lols at the ready, perhaps I should clarify. WipEout HD has left me agitated and dissatisfied because the crisp 1080p visuals and rock solid 60fps presentation have made me realise just how compromised the Great HD Gaming Revolution has been.

We've become so accustomed to accepting 720p resolutions and mostly stable 30fps frame rates as the best we can expect that when something really does take full advantage of the display technology available, it can't help make everything else look like a half measure.

In other words, WipEout HD looks f**king phenomenal."

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nice_cuppa3775d ago

the truth shall set you free !
Ps3 is the only system in 5 generations i havent purchased at launch !
Played mgs4 at a friends and lost interest !

n4gzz3775d ago

good for you. Too many consoles for kids are not good. Focus on your study.

cahill3775d ago

While we play next gen MGS4

U play GAYLO3 with powerpuff aliens

Plus we are looking forward to Motorstorm 2 --KING OF ALL OFFROAD RACING GAMES

no time for a crap game like PURE

ShinMaster3775d ago

Last time I checked, it was only due to the HDMI range on the PS3 not being set to "FULL".

And every other game out there with the same problem, has been proven otherwise over and over.

This is no different.

xg-ei8ht3774d ago

Played halo 3 at a friends, took the disc out and snaped it.

bought him another copy, the sad mofo.

pshizle3774d ago

i have the game

its really really well made

but i did not find it all that fun...overall i thought it was different but a well made game

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Karum3775d ago

The PS3 version of the demo lookd fantastic on my 40" Samsung LCD tbh and I thought the demo was pretty fun. I won't be buying this though, I'll be getting Motorstorm: Pacific Rift instead which will be much superior all round.

boodybandit3775d ago

I will pick up Pure used or cheap off of an online auction (Amazon or eBay). It's not a full price purchase title for me. It reminds me of SSX (which I loved) on ATV's but with less tricks.

It's a decent looking and fun arcade game but it's not "appear" to have enough depth / longevity to it. Then again I will try to keep an open mind and wait for some user reviews and opinions to be sure.

KingME3775d ago

Not trying to be sarcastic or anything, but please describe the depth in Motostorm.

InMyOpinion3775d ago

Motorstorm doesn't even have vehicle customization lol! It's as deep as Sega Rally, except Sega Rally had good driving mechanics.

Calvin_ISA3774d ago

You can choose more than just ATVs. :) Example: SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!! SUNDAAAAAAY!!! MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!!!

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Kratos Spartan3775d ago

The PS3 has failed solely because nice_cuppa lost interest in MGS4 at his boyfriends house, Nate Frog! 5 generations! The truth! Set me free!


-back to normal

Kratos Spartan3775d ago

It seems every developer, producer, or anybody likes to start flame wars with these pointless comparisons. It didn't used to be like this. Oh the good 'ol days;)