Blu-ray Disc Association says it's too early to lower prices

Los Angeles (CA) – So the Blu-ray disc is the only physical high-definition format left in the market, but that isn't going to translate into lower prices any time soon, according to Andy Parsons, the Chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association. Parsons, who is also the senior VP of Advanced Product Development at Pioneer Electronics, told attendees at the DisplaySearch/NPD HDTV conference in Los Angeles that Blu-ray volume needs to increase before content makers and set-top makers can cut prices.

Parsons was speaking as part of a panel on high-definition formats and told the audience that Blu-ray hardware and disc prices are behaving the same as when DVD players were first getting popular. "There's not enough market [volume] to lower the price," Parsons said, adding that companies have to build "awareness and demand for the technology," before prices can decrease.

Saint Sony5643d ago

Now that PS3 already is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market, I wonder how this affects to PS3 future price cuts?... might not happen this Christmas at least.

Kleptic5643d ago

yeah, as of this summer at least...it was for about a year (when the PS3 price dropped to $399 last summer for remaining 60gb skus)...

the normal catch 22...need to sell more to drop the price, yet people will not buy more until they drop the price...I sure as hell will not be buying new BD movies for $30...that is simply ridiculous...I grab some of the special deals every once in a while, but I still only own like 5 BD movies...they are great, but not $30-when the DVD is $11-great...

Sony keeps saying that they will not cut the price of the PS3 anytime soon...but I have a pretty strong idea that once they see US NPD numbers for September they may reconsider...the PS3 can be slightly more expensive than the 360 and still outsell it...but a full $200 over the entry terd 360, and $100 over the similarly equipped pro model...and it will get crushed in sales...simply as that...

Daver5643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )


''far from being the cheapest Bluray player''

stop exagerating... the cheapest i saw is about 350$ thats only 50$ of difference and considering what the ps3 can do more than any bluray player, its the cheapest
stop it with ur bs talk

Capt CHAOS5643d ago

You can get DVD movies for $1.99

facepalm5643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )

::rubs forehead::

So, the BD Association doesn't want to lower prices because there is no market, but yet people are not buying BD stuff because it's just too gosh darn expensive...



Epic Games reportedly hacked by a ransomware gang, nearly 200GB of Internal Data stolen

From GameWatcher: "Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has reportedly been hacked, resulting in the theft of nearly 200 gigabytes of internal data.

That is according to ransomware group Mogilevich, who claims to have “quietly attacked Epic Games’ servers”."

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OtterX1d 15h ago

I have several hundred games on the Epic Store. I've bought zero. I've played maybe 10 or less of them. I'm not worried. *Back to Steam*

1nsomniac7h ago

Not sure what logic is supposed to be backed up by this argument. Whether the hack is true or not it’s likely they’ve got all the same information whether you’ve ever bought games or even whether you play them or not. As with the majority of these industry hacks. Going back to Steam literally makes absolutely zero difference to the situation… and it’s not even like Steam has never been hacked either…. I don’t get it.

KwietStorm_BLM7h ago

So you have an account then? What games you own hardly has anything to do with it. User logins and financials were exposed. Login credentials from one account can easily be linked to another.

OtterX7h ago

I never gave them my credit card number, and my account has 2FA anyways.

Just saying, this doesn't surprise me with Epic. But yea, sorry for those of you who have spent money there, hope your CC's are safe. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Just, not surprised, that's all.

Sonic18814h ago

I bought a few games on the Epic Store as well, but I'm still not worried about it.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 11h ago

Hot take I want jackrabbit 3d to come out now from epic since they can publish games Like that.

CrimsonWing697h ago

Oh great… so glad I have an account with them…

SDuck7h ago

sh*t I do have RDR2 there since it was limited to Epic on release

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Top 10 Iconic Cars In The Need For Speed Games

The Nerd Stash: "Here are the best iconic cars in the Need For Speed games that have become the signature of this franchise in the past two decades."

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Last of Us director Neil Druckmann says he doesn´t think he has many more big games left in him

Naughty Dog's boss says “everything has been incredibly stressful” since Uncharted 2's release

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OtterX1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

I can actually respect that. My kids are also number 1 in my life, and I've backed off of many things that hindered that before too. Even w gaming, my gaming habits have evolved to include more actual gaming time shared with them.

The_Hooligan1d 5h ago

I can relate to that. I got a 3 year old and he's still young to give me company while playing games so I usually just play on Friday, Saturday nights when he and the wifey are asleep. And that's if we are not out somewhere so the overall game time has definitely reduced for me. But no complaints from me, watching the little grow is the best thing. But I will say this, getting a PlayStation portal couple of weeks ago has definitely been a blessing. While my better half watches her shows I can keep her company and do my thing.

OtterX1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

Yea, I really want a Portal! I have a 7 year old, a 4 year old, but we also just had a new baby at the end of December... right now, I'm all over my Switch bc I can't be confined to the living room tv. I had to prioritize getting stuff for the baby rather than buying a Portal this year (or a Steam Deck!) But handhelds are certainly godsends for parents of little ones for sure! Parenthood is amazing, isn't it? Especially when we start to share that gaming passion w them. My 7 year old is really appreciating retro NES, SNES gaming too, even PS1 & N64, as it brings a smile to her face playing what Daddy was playing as a kid. :)

Demetrius1d 1h ago

I turn 31 this year, single no kids so I game but still have to cut back myself I like to stay consistent in the gym, maintain bettering myself etc, most times I game atleast an hour and a half but I always will enjoy gaming it's a mf vibe fasho

DarXyde1d ago

It's a tricky balance, but you learn to economize (not without sacrifice, of course). Though I am married with children, I also have way too many hobbies/interests to be effective. Like you, I'm also a gym rat. With the exception of vacations, I've missed maybe 1-2 months worth of days in the last 14 years (though some hotels during vacations do have gyms). That consistency matters a lot to me, and the family is also pretty active so it's a family event (in your case, not a bad way to meet someone either, mate).

Also love to play guitar and the family loves to listen. Reading is something I have 30 minutes for before bed.

These are my three main hobbies which is why it takes me forever to beat any single game. I should be stoned for my backlog.

But it's about what matters the most to you and how you choose to manage it. Once you have your other half, you don't have to give up the things you love. You just integrate them as best you can.

I doubt you'll have to cut back necessarily. In one sitting, maybe. But at the end of the day, you'll still finish your games. Takes longer, but that's hardly a bad thing. 🙂

FinalFantasyFanatic20h ago

Multiple hobbies really are hard to juggle, I started going to the gym last year, between that, gaming, model kits, reading, ect... I don't really have enough time for everything I want to do. I actually need to drop some hobbies or interests.