Yoshida: Why Sony decided against Microsoft's no-hard drive policy

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told VG247 that Sony looked at Microsoft's choice to make Xbox 360's hard drive optional and decided against it in an effort to be able to provide "seamless gameplay" and solid digital distribution.

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gaffyh3781d ago

“One example is the Uncharted game we did last year,” he said. “You don’t know this, but the game is constantly caching the data in the hard drive so that you don’t have to wait for loading.”

Other games should figure out how to do this.

shadowghost7523781d ago

Did Heavenly sword not do this to an extent also?

f7897903781d ago

You can see the hard drive light flicker throughout the game.

nbsmatambo3780d ago

i think Burnout Paradise does the same thing too...

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titntin3781d ago

I don't think any of us have learnt anything new from this! :)

Of course they will have considered offering a cheaper machine without a HD.
I actually appluad Sony's decision to ensure their is always a HD and I think its ultimately the correct decision from a software dev point of view. But for selling units, you can't argue with MS having a cheap arcade machine, and its shifting masses, so you can reasonabley argue this is also a good and valid approach even if it is restricting in the long term.

ceedubya93781d ago

I believe harddrives will be standard for all consoles (at least micro and sony, not sure about nintendo). We're coming to an age where hdd prices are rapidly falling, and should become a no-brainer feature in a console, just like the ability to play dvds or cds.

krackchap3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

the smarter thing was that decided to go with a standard 2.5" HDD instead of some proprietary sh*t.

crazy250003781d ago

makes it easier for us to upgrade and not get ripped off

Capt CHAOS3781d ago

not EVERYONE needs or wants a HD in their console.. And viola, so came the 360 with the choice. I think it's a good think that you have a choice and before people start complaining about making the task hard for developers, that's just rubbish, it's very easy to detect if the drive is present an code an interface that functions with or without the drive.

function getData()
if ( hdPresent() )
if ( ObtainFromCache() )

if ( hdPresent() )

Mr_Bun3781d ago

I think the only advantage to not having an internal HDD is price...that is it. I think Sony could have sold a model without one seeing as it is soooo easy to install one...any 2.5" HDD. There is your REAL choice!

AngryXbot3781d ago

EVERYONE needs a harddrive in 2008.

MS fails to predict the market yet again. Sony wins.

Mr_Bun3781d ago

I think where M$ failed is where they decided to not have a mandatory HDD but didn't have a mandatory HD DVD built-in. They should have had one or the other and seeing as they are pro digital download, they definitely should have put a HDD in every 360

Drekken3781d ago

Cpt. Chaos.... I would rather them gave the choice to the devs to use a hdd for installs. Instead they cant.... so with the combo of no hdd installs and old medium DVD, they shot themselves in the foot.

juuken3781d ago

I agree with AngryBot as well. Sony is the type of company who likes to think ahead. Sure they're arrogant sometimes and they go a little too far with overhyping things (Sony does have flaws) but their forward thinking is what got them this far in the console war.

They will do fine for the holidays.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

The 1 year rushed out head start xBox 360 is showing it's big flaws!!! ;-D

PS3 = Ferrari ;-P (or Veronica Belmont in a Bikini) ;-P

xBox 360 =


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The Mod's must be helping him... ;-o

Mr_Bun3781d ago

I am doing what I can to help with bubbles but I am only one person!

cemelc3781d ago

Ill help you too @Sir_Ken_Kutaragi buble +

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3781d ago

@Mr Bun ;)
@cemelc ;)
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Thank you;) Bubbles for you all and ALL PS3 Fans on this;)
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LeonSKennedy4Life3781d ago

I have a 20 gig..., it's like I don't have a harddrive at all.

alakazzam3781d ago

upgrade then. its so cheap and easy

ceedubya93781d ago

I'm still using my 60 gig drive, but that's only because I haven't had a need to upgrade it yet. When the time comes, I'll have the flexibility to choose the most affordable option to do so. No problem. This to me, was Sony's best move for the console.