Guerrila Cambridge to close

UK developer to close after 19 years as Sony “makes changes to European studios structure”

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Herbalistic648d ago

I hope all people affected by this are able to find jobs asap.It always sucks when people work hard and then find out they are being let go due to issues outside of their control.

majiebeast648d ago

Bleep off Sony this is straight up BS.

UCForce648d ago

Well, you are not living perfect world for anything. Scalebond cancelled and GC closed. Sometimes, thing never go smoothly in the end.

ninsigma648d ago

Yeah it sucks. Should have got them to make another Medievil game!

-Foxtrot648d ago

Should have done MediEvil 3 instead of VR stuff

648d ago
Septic648d ago

Not cool Sony.

Good luck to the devs. I'm sure they'll bounce back. Microsoft should snipe them! 😈

majiebeast648d ago

Well no other studios are getting gutted according to the article update, the only damn bright spot of this MM is safe for now

NukaCola648d ago

They are beefing up GG main, calm down

Fist4achin648d ago

I do feel for anyone who loses their job bc that is a situation that really sucks and there is no such thing as a right time on something like that.

However, this studios biggest hit recently was probably Killzone Mercenary and that was on the Vita which hardly anyone owns. Medieval is a fun game, but I can't remember the last one. I wonder just how much latitude they had when they were trying to develop something. They should have thrown some remasters at them.

I hope their staff will find new positions quickly. Either that or I'm sure Sony will recycle them into other studios .

bouzebbal648d ago

Studio closing hopefully doesn't mean layoffs..
they can relocate

bluefox755648d ago

I mean, it happens, unless you're a major studio, you're not going to stay open forever. It's unfortunate, but it's the nature of the business.

DrakeFan1648d ago

The studio made one of the best PSVR launch games and now they got the axed. This does not look good for the future of PSVR. Why is Sony not supporting their secondary gaming products like Vita and PSVR? It is like they are relying on third party to do all the work.

What is more concerning is Guerilla Cambridge was supposedly working on a multi-million selling AAA franchise for PS4 according to Shinobi of Neogaf back in 2014. It could potentially be another Killzone or Socom.

Angeljuice647d ago

Expect more UK studios to close because of Brexit.
Who wants to invest in developers based in a country with such an uncertain future?

IamTylerDurden1647d ago


No... the past two games from GC were fantastic. Killzone Mercenary and Rigs. Rigs is arguably the best GAME on VR right now, especially on PS4 Pro with the massive winter update.

647d ago
Deadpooled647d ago

Angeljuice playing the 'Brexit' card!

Irishguy95647d ago

This studio got shafted to **** by Sony. Not because of the closure, but because they were forced to make a Vita game and a VR game. This studio, got throw into Sonys 'failed experiments' group. Whereas Amsterdam GG got basically gifted whatever they wanted. High budget high support.

Even when they've only made 2 good games so far they still landed Horizon. Medieval in its time > Killzone. Until this studio got shitted out of the gutter.

Outside_ofthe_Box647d ago

Aw man. Was really hoping that these guys would make the next Killzone game. Looks like there will never be another KZ game on same level as KZ2.

Letthewookiewin647d ago

Sony will take care of these people.

hellothere1977647d ago

you paying the bills? in fact, did you or any of your friends pay full price for guerilla cambridges games to support the developers? no? then STFU.

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

If RIGS didn't perform the way they wanted to I could understand how they were able to make the tough decision.

That sucks because I was definitely Holding Out for them working on the Killzone series.

I hope they all find work

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

I'm pretty positive some of those developers that were the best of that team likely got transferred over to Guerilla Games.

Mystogan647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I love how when MS fucks up. Everybody agrees they did and gives them shit. But when sony fucks up its mostly, "welp, shit happens"

inveni0647d ago

If anyone is to blame, it's us. If we didn't have such high demands, games would be cheaper to make, and it would be easier for studios to turn tidy profits.

I'm only being a little sarcastic. I'm sure there's some truth to that.

rainslacker647d ago

It says right in the article, that the studio was redundant. As in, it was just there and making games that they could make through their other studios. This is probably part of their larger restructuring efforts, where some of their studios are becoming part of Sony WWS. Some people will have to be laid off, because some positions don't need to be filled in WWS, but others will be moved to different studios.

It's cheaper to manage one's studios this way, because it means less waste on multiple people doing the same job.

I doubt the close had anything to do with their output. They were a capable studio, and as far as I know, they weren't losing money on it.

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UCForce648d ago

I have to agree with you.

GamerGT648d ago

Hopefully some of those employees can go over and help Hideo Kojimas crew. They might have some experience with the DECIMA engine.

City1979647d ago

@Angeljuice Maybe you should watch the news once in a while. Shouting brexit is just an over reaction, if there was uncertainty then why is growth in the economy being revised up and companies moving to GB.

Genuine-User648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

"PlayStation has pledged to "where possible... try to reallocate people onto other projects" and assist staff by speaking to local developers about recruitment prospects. Fortunately, Cambridge is something of a hotbed of UK deveopers, with the likes of Frontier, Ninja Theory, Jagex and more based nearby."

Best of luck to the team. Killzone Mercenary is still the best FPS on a handheld.

Edit: Good news:

Cloud Imperium Games - Star Citizen

Mike Bithell - Thomas Was Alone, Volume

RedPill86647d ago

Wouldn't want any of these workers to go near Star Citizen. That game is a lie and they're just stealing money at this point. The game isn't coming out, not functioning anyways.

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

Okay well that's good to hear that they're transferring a lot of developers to other teams.

Ragthorn647d ago


I see, you're one of those people that still call it a lie even after all of the footage they have shown up to this point. AND releasing their development schedule. I have been patiently waiting since 2013, and I have never been any happier for the game. I wish for the best of it, as it is one of the most daring games to ever be in the works. That game is so open about its development, but people still cannot appreciate it. I hope that these workers do go and join Cloud Imperium there as well as find jobs elsewhere. Killzone Mercenary is THE BEST handheld FPS. And they haven't been given another chance to create another sadly.

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loadstone007648d ago

I don't think it's really out of their control. The projects GC were in charge of were abysmal.

ShadowWolf712647d ago

RIGS was a hit, Killzone Mercenaries is considered one of the best Vita titles...

Totally abysmal.

Christopher647d ago

I think the problem is that they were never allowed to make a full console game and instead were limited to a handheld that is being held onto just so no one can say it is dead and VR that is in extremely early stages and not available to play by 98% of the owners.

butchertroll648d ago

As much as this news is bad, this is the good part :

PlayStation has pledged to "where possible... try to reallocate people onto other projects" and assist staff by speaking to local developers about recruitment prospects.

Hope they will continue to work on something else.

Overload648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

This apparently has something to do with Horizon being their main focus now, according to Shinobi.

Aenea647d ago

They might actually want to move some of them outside of the UK to, perhaps, Amsterdam?

Besides, Kojima Amsterdam is there as well..........

IamTylerDurden1647d ago

I was hoping this was more of a restructuring, and they will certainly reallocate many talented ppl from GC into other Sony studios. However, this is a sad and unfortunate day for an extremely talented studio that continually makes great games and does it on new, unknown hardware. Rigs and Killzone Mercenary are terrific games, bottom line. They were AAA games on new, difficult to develop for hardware and the both looked and played beautifully. Unfortunately they were likely resource hogs and expensive to make, and for whatever reason they just didn't sell as well as they should've.

Killzone Mercenary is still the most impressive technical game on Vita. I laugh when indie devs claim their 2D game can't run on Vita bc Guerrilla Cambridge was able to get the Killzone 3 engine running beautifully on Vita.

Deadpooled647d ago

I consider Killzone Mercenary to be not just simply the best handheld FPS ever created, but also one of the best games I've ever played considering something like that was running on a freaking handheld with great controls (even the swipe to melee was great, and the tap back touchpad to run was very effective) and also a superb online (all 6 maps it launched with were awesome, then to make it even better Blood Gracht and Tharsis Depot came on it).

ImGumbyDammit647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

This is sad. Always, hate to see things like this and Scalebound happen. But, it is a business and this will happen and new studios will pop up and new games made.

It can't be coincidence that it was the same day as the Switch press conference. Sony knows this story will soon get lost and forgotten in a few hours as the gaming news will be focused on the Switch announcements today.  A few hours of negative press (Guerilla & Sony) beats several days  being the focus of gaming news/discussions (Scalebound).  Heck, Spencer and Xbox should learn from this Sony move.

n1kki6647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

It does suck, but this is common place in game development. It's actually not that all uncommon for development position in general to have high turnover with a large chance of elimination. Either way it still sucks for those affected and hopefully they find employment soon. Also with noting
"PlayStation has pledged to "where possible... try to reallocate people onto other projects" and assist staff by speaking to local developers about recruitment prospects. Fortunately, Cambridge is something of a hotbed of UK deveopers, with the likes of Frontier, Ninja Theory, Jagex and more based nearby."

XanderZane647d ago

Damni it. My MediEvil sequel. I really was hoping. Let's see how the N4G universe takes this news. Let's see if they are as harsh as the Scalebound cancellation.
Like the Scalebound cancellation, THIS SUCKS. 19 years under Sony's umbrella and then poof, you're done. Really hate this. I agree with Herbalistic, that hopefully these talented developers are able to find new jobs quickly. We all kow it's a business and every day something like this happens somewhere in the world. Wish them the best of luck.

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UCForce648d ago

"Sigh" Scalebond cancelled and GC closed. Thing is never looking good for video game Industry. I hope Platinum Games and other of GC staff will find a way.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory648d ago

Platinum Games are fine. From here on out expect games from only Japanese Publishers from them.

UCForce648d ago

Platinum Games are fine, but their latest game Scalebond is cancelled that cause them greatly for the fan. GC are also closed which it is very sad.

Neonridr648d ago

Platinum still has other projects they are working on though. And they are still operational. The staff that were working on Scalebound will be reappropriated to other projects or put to work on a new one if they have any in the pipeline.

UCForce648d ago

Well, you are right. But we are not living a perfect world here. Good thing can't last forever.

kevnb648d ago

or just mostly laid off.

Neonridr648d ago

@kevnb - unless they hired people specifically for this game and weren't just using internal staff divided into several projects.

The difference is, one studio is closed the other isn't.

Frinker648d ago

How could you Sony. Killzone was good on the Vita. Who's next? Sucker Punch? I cannot trust this company anymore now. Medievil was a classic

UCForce648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

And do you think you are living a perfect world ?

Edit : @Septic and @Frinker Even I do blame MS, but not that far like other. You guys do know not everything can please you.

Edit#2 : @Septic I'm not blame the world. I'm try to understand why the company and their decisions. One day, you have to made a choice in the end.

Ceaser9857361648d ago (Edited 647d ago )

since you're living under the rock.. SP is soon to announce their new game... Sony is doing way to fine then MS... GC employees will get allocated to other studios helping out with new projects... Try looking little further instead of loosing shit altogether ... Its not that a game got cancelled ...

EDIT : according to Shinobi SP is working on a New IP .

Fishy Fingers648d ago

^no just the entire studio.

Exactly which other studios in Cambridge will the staff be relocated too? Sorry you lost your job, but here's another in japan. The wife and kids won't mind will they...?

Septic648d ago


No one is saying we're living in a perfect world but the exaggerated reaction above aside, you were blaming Microsoft earlier this week for Scalebound and now here blaming the inequity of the world.

Consistency my friend.

bluefox755648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

@Septic Closing studios, which is a normal practice in the industry, is not the same as shutting down work in the middle of development of a high-profile, AAA title (not a normal practice). The former is a practical, and unfortunately, relatively common thing. The latter is the result of major internal issues. Saying that you should criticize both for "consistency", is ridiculous.

gangsta_red647d ago (Edited 647d ago )


I think canceling projects would be just as common as say closing down whole studios.

Both are standard in this industry as we read concept games and canceled games almost every other month of what could have been.

So i agree with septic, there should be some consistency.

And what's more "practical", canceling a game before it gets out and bombs and the studii takes a finacial hit, or closing down a whole studio because your games bombed and now jobs are lost?

Kaneki-Ken647d ago

GG haven't made any profit. Killzone Mercenary was both commercially a failure and in sales and making a VR didn't help the case since VR didn't exploded/became a hot item.

Death647d ago


It's always sad to see a studio closed, especially a talented studios like GC. It's naïve to believe that Sony is going to give them all jobs in other studios though. If that were the case, then why close the studio in the first place? When closures happen, it is typically due to financial reasons. Hopefully all of those impacted by this closure find new and possibly better opportunities soon.

Angeljuice647d ago


Guildford is the main centre of UK game development (MM, Hello Games etc.), and is not that far from Cambridge. There are plenty of development companies in the UK (not necessarily Sony owned).

KwietStorm647d ago

You can't trust them anymore because they closed a studio? LOL time to step outside and take a look at how life works around you.

Kribwalker647d ago


You can't seriously tell me cancelling a game because things aren't working out with it is worse then shutting down an entire studio, laying off the employees, selling/moving all of the equipment, probably cancelling the next project these guys were working on, even if it's in pre-production and planning stages, then you really need to give your head a shake. Studios don't just close down all the time. Games are cancelled on a far more common basis then closing a studio right down.

And everyone that says "oh there's a GG in Amsterdam, they'll probably just move there" that's a ridiculous statement. I'm gonna move my entire family, to a new country, that speaks a different language for a job? Really? If I was single, and had no secure responsibility (owning a house etc) then sure, but there would be no way I would make my whole family move, plus all to the associated cost of moving to another country, the work visas, the moving cost, selling my house, buying a new house, my wife having to find a new job, my kids losing all of their friends, and it keeps, that is some serious ignorance thinking people would just do that.

OB1Biker647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

No, cancelling games just a few months before they are supposed to release after hyping them for years is NOT standard.
Releasing a project in full before closing a studio that has finished the job is more standard.

It's unfortunate but that's what it is. Last year was evolution and many other studios closing. I can think of only one other game cancelled just before it was supposed to release after being part of what you know ever for years, not even naming it. That studio was closed too That's not common at all to cancel so close to supposed release.

647d ago
gangsta_red647d ago


I'm laughing that we even have to discuss what is more standard, cancelling a game or shutting down a whole studio.

MagicBeanz647d ago

Well if you cant trust them for shutting down a developer then you're not going to be able to trust any of them cause Sony isn't the only one who has or will do it.

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

Errr not really.

Because of the Vita's poor sales along with rigs I could understand how they could make this tough decision.

It's simply about sales.

For the most part Sony only closes Studios after their games perform poorly and to my understanding Infamous Second Son is the best selling infamous

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

@kirb- that sounds extremely exaggerated.

If you're going to work in the game industry you should always understand that it is a contracted business in which you're going to move around a lot.

I live in Florida and even though I don't have any aspirations to work inside of the game industry if I were to even want to stay in my state , my only choice would actually be Electronic Arts because they have a studio in Jacksonville Florida which would still be difficult for me because I live in South Florida I would basically have to move hours and hours away from my family.

....That's Life.

I would say if anything Montreal Canada would be a great place to live in regards to game development because you have Electronic Arts Ubisoft BioWare in a couple of other Studios up there and which you could sort of Bounce Around.

Of course San Diego, San Francisco California etc as well.

I'm sorry but the issues that you listed have more to do with game development in general then this specific situation.

I have to wonder why anyone would become a game developer considering what you've listed....

Last job to be asking for stability bud.

Kribwalker647d ago

I'm just stating what has been said. Some people suggested they would just move them to GG in Amsterdam. That's a long way away and has a lot of implications. Moving upstate is a lot less then moving to a different country as some have suggested.

I'm not in the games Industery but I have friends that are, a couple work at EA, one works at Capcom Vancouver, and a guy I've done building for's daughter works at the coalition.
Vancouver would be a good area to live if you were in the industry as there are a lot of game studios out here as well. Housing affordability is another issue altogether here though, lucky I bought a decade ago because pricing has gone through the roof here.

DigitalRaptor647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

@ Frinker

Sucker Punch makes commercially successful games for PlayStation, and is due to announce their long awaited new IP, probably at this year's E3. And it most likely will be awesome, because Sucker Punch is awesome and Sony knows it.

@ Gangsta_red

None of this is a laughing matter. This news is devastating. I think it is Sony's longest-running internal studio. I loved MediEvil and Killzone Mercenary was awesome and showed huge promise that this team could deliver an amazing PS4 Killzone project. RIGS is supposed to be a great VR experience.

If we're going to begin comparing the 2 scenarios, Guerrilla Cambridge were able to release their project as planned after years of hard work, be proud of it going gold, not be burdened with 4 years of a wasted effort that would be a huge hit on the psyche - and these poor people will still be able to land jobs and are already getting offers. Depressing situation all round, but more bittersweet for GC without a doubt. Scalebound is just brutally messed up of a situation. Kamiya's "dream game" will never see the light of day.