Child kidnapper on Xbox Live

Child kidnapper Michael Devlin appears to have an Xbox Live Gamertag and had created a profile on GamerTagPics which appears to feature a photo of victim Shaun Hornbeck standing in front of Devlin's apartment. According to the stats of gamertag DevilDevlin, the account has been used to play two dozen games and the last game played was Saints Row

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Marriot VP5226d ago

oh my, the internet can be used for evil now!!

stop the presses

T-Virus5226d ago

I'm not American, so I can't comment on who this Delvin is, but when was this kid kidnapped? If it's recently, how come he isn't in jail. Someone want to give me the scope on the whole thing, much appreciated

Marriot VP5226d ago

well he could of got bail. The whole deal in america is when your accused of a crime you go to jail and most of the time they let you pay your way out, "bail". Than you wait for your trial and if your guilty you go to prison.

ryanjtravis5226d ago

That's really creepy. The whole thing makes me so angry... great ending to the story though.

shotty5226d ago

Maybe the kid shouldn't have tea bagged him after he ran him over with metermaid car.

PS3 Ultimate5226d ago

Child kidnappers! Only on X Box live people! ROFL!

hardwood20015226d ago

I've given this story a "cool" rating because this scenario will differently be on my favorite tv show "Law and Order" hopefully on Criminal Intent and not Special Victims Unit, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.