Ben Judd: 'Kojima needs to put the clamps on himself'

Legendary Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's stories would be "fantastic" if he limited himself to only 30 minutes, Capcom's Ben Judd has said.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com in an interview to be published later today, the Bionic Commando producer said that he liked Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3 "with the exception of the story", which he feels "keep getting longer and longer".

When asked what games caught his attention in the last year, he replied: "I liked Metal Gear Solid 4, with the exception of the story. I like Kojima's stories, but they keep getting longer and longer. He needs to put the clamps on himself and only give himself 30 minutes. If he did that I'm sure they'd be fantastic."

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Silogon5780d ago (Edited 5780d ago )

and to think, Bionic Commando could be fantastic if only it had a little more story to it. Strange how that works, Ben.

I agree with him on Super Mario Galaxy and MGS4 both being the same as previous entries, though. That is very true.

thor5780d ago

It's only as similar as it can be, whilst still remaining the same game. It's a sequel for a reason, and not a new game entirely. A LOT changed from the previous iterations. If they changed it much more it could have slipped into the "action-adventure" genre even. It's about as similar to MGS3 as Motorstorm is to Pure, both in the same sub-genre of racing (or stealth) but still vastly different.

hay5780d ago

Oh Ben... Drown in your sweet lakes of jealousy.
What I didn't like about MGS4 is... Well it was too short for me.

5780d ago
dro5780d ago (Edited 5780d ago )

i know the hole mgs4 cutscence is now old news but this gy has a point, every thing about mgs4 was amazing apart from the cutscence...i even skiped part of the ending, i tought the hole getting married in the end was just long and the hole radien with hes son/wife was even longer... :/

i hope he makes mgs5 but the cutscence will only be like 10-15 min and the rest gameplay. lets just hope god of war 3 will not do the same long cutscence bcuz it has a deep story as well. but the action scence in mgs4 was sick, remember the radin vs vamp fight!!!

Lucreto5780d ago

Its his style. He likes long story cut scenes. It would be like telling Uwe boll to make a good movie or getting Valve to make MGS5 and changing things they see fit.

The Lazy One5780d ago

There's no reason he can't go back to that.

dro5780d ago

i know it is hes style but the fans and people who pay money for the game has different toughts,i still think the cutscence are too long and i hope mgs5(if it comes out) cutscence will not be as long.

FantasyStar5780d ago (Edited 5780d ago )

It's not the fans that are complaining. It's the MGS newbs that are saying the cut-scenes are too long. MGS Veterans know that long cut-scenes is how Kojima likes to do things. An MGS without the long cut-scenes and codec conversations is not an MGS at all, it's a butchered Splinter Cell.

MGS4 was made for the fans, you have to accept that and move on. If you don't like the length of cut-scenes in MGS4, chances are the game wasn't intended for you.

Testo5780d ago

"i know it is hes style but the fans and people who pay money for the game has different toughts"

I think they are one and the same, and NO fans would not complain about the cutscenes.

P.S. I figure most kids ADD kicked in after 10 seconds and ruined the game for them.

Maldread5780d ago

I must say i thought MGS1 and MGS3 had a better story than MGS4, and that some cutscenes should`ve been shorter or altered in other ways, in order to be better. That dosn`t mean MGS4 is a bad game t all.

Out of my 3 PS3 games so far (MGS4, COD4, GTA4), i will still say MGS4 is the best PS3 game i have so far.

shadowghost7525780d ago

Uncharted is wicked you should get it, or rent it even

Maldread5780d ago

Funny you should say so. I`m waiting for a delivery of Uncharted and Oblivion GOTY as we speak (or type i guess) ;)

shadowghost7525780d ago

Enjoy it, it is awesome, Oblivion is pretty good also,

Let me know what you think of Uncharted when you are finished with it.