Save $9810.00 On Your Purchase Of Rock Band 2

GameXtract writes "Circuit City are holding a pretty massive sale on Rock Band 2 today. If you purchase the Xbox 360 bundle, Circuit City will slash off $9810.00 off the original $9999 price tag. That's really generous of Circuit City considering Best Buy, and many other retailers hold it directly at $189.99. Even though this glitch won't necessarily affect your purchase, it will be cool to show to your friends that you saved $9810 dollars on Rock Band 2!"

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3687d ago
LevDog3687d ago

Maybe its joke.. Cuz you would have to be a moron to still pay 190 bucks for damn video game.. especially I scrolling music game..

Spartan 1173687d ago

I saw this the other day and had a good laugh. I'm sure it didn't effect the sales of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.