Crysis Warhead: The first screenshots from the full version

The first screenshots from the retail version of Crysis Warhead.

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ericldn3681d ago

...PC gaming is dead? I for once can't wait to run this beast of a game!

Serg3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

If PC gaming would die, a whole bunch of industries would collapse along with it. Aside from gaming, there are so few things you can do with your PC that need performance. Gaming drives a lot of the Home industries forward. Without gaming, Nvidia and ATi wouldn't be as big. AMD and Intel coudn't grow up so rapidly if they would only produce Server optimized CPUs.

On the other hand Linux would finally kick MS off the throne and we all could be happy... but as much as I love Linux, I still prefer PC gaming :p.

Crazyglues3681d ago

They got it going for $24 bucks at Circuit City ...ftw

mijkil3681d ago

It isnt dead yet, but when Killzone2 comes out it will DESTROY this game graphically.

DeadlyFire3681d ago

KILLZONE 2 looks great and all, but even so its not perfect. It might be comparable at its release, but I doubt it will surpass Crysis. Crytek made sure they maxed out the capabilities of DirectX 10 with Crysis and they did to good of a job with it. Warhead improves on it with new textures, slightly better graphics, and new enhanced performance.

Egzekutor3681d ago

I agree with you that Killzone 2 will look better than this Crysis Warhead, BUT the first Crysis that came out looks the best. The new one looks unrealistic, everything looks animated..

ericldn3681d ago

Well, Far Cry 2 will be the perfect example when it comes out I suppose: we'll see then what runs it better, the PC or the console(s). My bet's on the PC ;-)

iistuii3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

You are havin a laugh, surely. Crysis is amazing, no console game can touch it, especially if your running it proper 1920x1200 , full aa, killzone will look a mess compared.

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Charmers3681d ago

I cannot wait to play this game only 1 day to go and I keep eagerly checking my steam client to see if it has started downloading yet. Nice to see Crytek learning from their mistakes by improving MP, optimising the engine and embracing the delivery system of choice for PC gamers ie Steam.

As always the only downside to Warhead is the 5 hour long SP campaign but for £17 I believe that to be acceptable. However the graphics as always look stunning, it's hard to believe some people still argue Crysis isn't the best looking game on the market. I think later this year I might treat myself to a new GPU, my aging 8800gts can handle it but it really isn't doing the game much justice.

Serg3681d ago

That's what I am starting to hate about PC gaming, I've tolerated it until now, but... I bought a 8800 GTS 640MB in May 2007 for 400 euros and it is considered old already. It supports ShaderModel 4, I haven't heard of any games using this already and yet there are news that ShaderModel 5 is already on its way. It sucks! I love my PC, but it's starting to dry out my wallet...

DeadlyFire3681d ago

Just because Shader Model 5 is coming doesn't mean you NEED it just yet. Give your video card at least 2-3 years.

ericldn3681d ago

I think PC's and consoles appeal to very different gamers and to have one or the other is really dependant on how badly you want the latest improvements in graphics (and on what you can afford too). I build my own PC's and they're usually pretty good for 3 years, after which I choose to spend a little (ok, a lot) to upgrade or completely rebuild it just so that I can play the latest games with decent graphics, and older ones again just because, well, they then look so much better that it's like playing a new one! I own both a PC and console and I must admit that, when the choice is there, I tend to go for the PC version of game when I have a fairly recent rig, and the console one if I know it will run the game as good or better.

Serg3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

ericldn: Same here. I also tend to get the PC version if my box can handle it, it does ATM. I also own a console, a PS3 to be specific. Some great games are PS3 only, and after owning both the PS1 and the PS2 (They still work) I was sure I wouldn't be disappointed with the PS3 as well, just look at that kick ass holiday season lineup and the months ahead.

Sad the PC has lost it's momentum as the King among the gaming platforms.

ericldn3681d ago

I actually reckon PC's will regain their crown in the end or at least be strong pretenders, and remain very viable gaming platforms. It might take a couple of years but both PS3 and XBOX360 will eventually feel dated as far as technology is concerned while even PC's built on a modest budget will provide enough bang to keep being attractive platforms to a larger audience. Even this holiday season isn't all that bad for PC gamers, I mean, Crysis: Warhead, Far Cry 2, Stalker: Clear Sky, Fallout 3 etc...All these put a smile on my face! :-)

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mijkil3681d ago

People be Hatin!

Pc cant compete with PS3 and as the years go by, this will only become more clear.

NO Cell processor - Super computer vs Wintel = no contest

NO RSX "Reality Synthesiser" - The best Graphics card money can buy (see MGS4)

NO Bluray - Pc will aalwasy struggle for memory copmpared to PS3

Serg3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

No offense buddy, but how often have you been dropped on the floor when you were a baby? I'm curious, I assume 10,11.. maybe 12 times?

Edit: My GeForce 8800 GTS640 (old chip, the 512MB series have the newer one) could crush the RSX over and over and over and over... without breaking a sweat. PC games just aren't able to utilize the power of current GFX cards because they have to be compatible with every GFX card on the market, that's why the PS3 can produce equal or even better graphics. Imagine every Human beeing would have a different set of fingers, 3, 4, 5, 6 and all in different shapes and size. Making gloves specifically for everyone would be a pain in the ass, so instead they would make a few different gloves that are big enough for the biggest and comfortable enough for the smallest hands. Stupid analogy, but it fits like a glove...

centrum2k3681d ago

to mijkil- cant blame you bad mouthing pc becuz you must have one cheap aS$ computer.

iistuii3681d ago

NO console game running at 1080, with minamal or no aa on can match anything on a decent pc. Have you ever seen crysis running proper on a pc that can handle it ?? dont play a console game in the same room , it looks terrible.

zonetrooper53681d ago

People are disagreeing with you because you are wrong. PC is always more powerful than the PS3, PC's only really use the discs to install data onto the hard drive and play it of there, my Geforce 280GTX is more powerful than the RSX and most processors on the market for the PC are more powerful than the Cell.

Also while I love MGS4 it does not have the best graphics at all, yeh it does look great but it isn#t graphically amazing.

ericldn3681d ago

I mostly agree with you re: MGS4, though they've done a fantastic job as far as character animations are concerned: it beats Crysis and most other games hands down and also shows that graphics are, in the end, just one of many traits that make a game great and it isn't necessarily console or PC related. As far as graphics alone are concerned though, I completely agree that Crysis offers more bangs for your buck. PC's only get better with better components: consoles pretty much remain the same from day one, aside from software updates: it's therefore completely logical in my mind that PC's do or will (according to your point of view) beat any console out there. Which is why I own a PC as well as a console!

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