Sales of consoles in Spain: Wii dominates over PS3, and triple Xbox 360 sales

Note the original story is on the spanish web HardGame2.

At the moment the situation in Spain in terms of sales of new generation of consoles is as follows (rounded):
- Wii has exceeded 990,000 units
- PlayStation 3 has 550,000 units
- Xbox 360 is little more than 340,000 units sold, which puts a considerable way towards their competitors, but by improving the first Xbox.

This data are from early september.

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Batusai3686d ago

The last 10 years, the PlayStation machines dominates Spain, now dominates Wii. The change is big.

PirateThom3686d ago

Considering the difference in launch dates and prices of the Wii and PS3, that's about what I'd expect.

dro3686d ago

lets face it the wii is wining this gen, i dont know y but it is!!! sony has enjoyed the last 2 gen but this time is nintendo, remember every winner must lose some day. but i see the ps3 second while the 360 last.

pwnsause3686d ago

the wii is technically not winning, yea sure its winning in Marketshare, but look at the games, hopefully that library improves.

iHEARTboobs3686d ago

Agreed pwnsause. Personally, i'm not a fan of the wii. It can be casual fun with friends but what's getting people to buy one is the wii-mote. That's what's selling wii's. Not the games, the the mii's, the damn wii-mote.

consolewar3686d ago

the wii is winning. fact

iHEARTboobs3685d ago

No one is spinning anything. They were all valid points. The wii did a great thing with getting people more involved but the quality of the games are really low. BUt that's the demographic the wii is aimed towards.

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