Are EA Leaving Season Passes Behind?

Another week passes by and episode 76 of the Gamers of the Lost Spark podcast is here for your listening delights. Among the games being played by the guys and stories of the drudgery of clearing away festive decorations, the guys discuss EA’s decision to leave out the Season Pass from Mass Effect Andromeda.

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DarkOcelet917d ago

The Mass effect series never had a season pass. Neither did Dragon Age. Pretty sure bioware will release tons of dlc like they always do. I will wait for the inevitable GOTY edition.

Fishy Fingers917d ago

Agreed. I'm sure they will offer up plenty of DLC and micro transactions. They just won't wrap them up in one (often cheaper) season pass.

Like you, I'll probably wait for the complete package unless it's really 'all that' at launch. It's only £30 on PC which helps.

Kreisen917d ago

If they are it means stats show its more profitable to sell RNG loot boxes.

Aenea917d ago

Hahahahahahaha.... No.....

Derceto917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

"....2017 be the year when EA lead by example by ditching the Season Pass concept but also changing their model to a path in which extra monetisation is gleaned from cosmetic DLC alone, keeping games and the gamers that love them less fragmented and more fun.

We can only hope."

How about EA leads by example of dumping season passes and cash grab DLC altogether, making sure their games actually friggen work when they're released, and make their games so damn good, that people insist on buying them instead of skipping them, or waiting for a crack or something.

That would be an example worth making, and better yet, worth following. The entirely defenseless Witcher III leads the charge so far.