PS3 FPS Controller Invades Tokyo

Latest Version of Award-Winning FragFX Controller Makes First Appearance at 2008 Tokyo Game Show

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Drekken3686d ago

It still has wires??????????? COME ON!!!!

And why doesnt this thing work with Socom?


i don't mind, if it really is good for fps games and it can be used with all fps games then i would get it.

The like fps games a lot, but i don't like the ps controllers for shooters, sorry, i just never have. sometimes i wish i coudl use my 360 controller with the ps3, but if this thing works well i would get one.

Violater3686d ago

If they put rumble in this one I'm SOLD.

pp3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I wonder what desperate ass would buy that Controller

3686d ago
juuken3686d ago

pp, there's something called a life.

RAF-TECH3686d ago

I needed to have more control with FPS games on the PS3.

I was desperate..
so i bought it at Bestbuy.

Even though it's wired.. the cords are long enough.
The response time is perfect.
Plus there is frag mode.. in which you can dial the sensitivity of the mouse instantly

AllseeingEye3686d ago

works great with socom. I would like to try this new controller too.

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The story is too old to be commented.