Rumour: Castlevania 'unofficially' dated.

Hot off the rumour mill comes this little tidbit of information. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has been given a release date, albeit from a very unofficial source, and it may be sooner than you all had thought.

Rumoured to be landing on the 10th of February, it is also meant to be 96MB in size, which is obviously above the 50MB limit set by Microsoft on day 1 for XBL Arcade games, as we reported a few days ago. This may be a problem for some, who bought a Core and didn't purchase the Hard Drive, since their memory cards can only hold around 50MB of data.

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shotty5431d ago

Microsoft claims that it should still fit on a memory card, i guess we'll see when its released. Who saves on a memory card anyways, i'm sure everyone that actually uses live has the harddrive.

BlackCountryBob5431d ago

Castlevania sounds nice but I would prefer to play some Worms first!

xombi5431d ago

man...this game was so sweet on the ps2..the music was perfect. If you love side scrollers, you need to get this!

nice_cuppa5431d ago

especially number 23.

suuuuuuu weeeeeee.

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