Dead Space writer: You'd be a fool to skip the dialogue

From CVG: "You'd be a fool to skip cut scenes," says Anthony Johnson. "If you want to find out the mysteries of the game, you need to listen to the dialogue. But more than that, you actually need to listen to it so you can complete the game."

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Fluffy2Duffy3777d ago

Yep it makes sense, like MGS4, if you skip the cutscene, u dont know whats hapening during the game.

AAACE53777d ago

I must be a pure idiot, cause I don't plan on even buying the game! Just doesn't seem interesting to me.

For those who do buy it... Enjoy!

Perjoss3777d ago

"Yep it makes sense, like MGS4, if you skip the cutscene, u dont know whats hapening during the game."

yes, and due to the crazy MGS story lines sometimes watching every cutscene still does not help you understand what is going on :P dont get me wrong, mgs4 is in my top 5 list for game of the year 08.

Kyur4ThePain3777d ago

So happy that there are other devs that see the opportunity for proper mental entertainment interweaved with gameplay.

Kratos Spartan3777d ago

I have been waiting for this game ever since Game Informer ran a cover story a while back for it. I cannot wait for this game.

Did you hear me? I said I can't wait for it, I need it now! Send me a copy now! Screw the Hulk, you don't want to piss ME off...


ceedubya93777d ago

If I care anything about story in a game, I sit through it and see what's happening. The second time around, I may bypass just to get to the meat of it all. But, I like a complete meal for my first time through.

Yi-Long3777d ago

... I dont care.

One of the biggest complains about certain games is the fact that you cant skip the cutscenes, which in some games means you have to sit through the same scenes over and over and over again.

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