Is Revisiting Classic Diablo in the Darkening of Tristram Worthwhile?

Hardcore Gamer spends some time with the 20th Anniversary Diablo 3 event and discusses how to get the most out of it.

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peewee11016642d ago

Not really... I was hopign they would brg some of the OLD monsters back but they just used Assets in Diamlo 3 and also the 16 floors are just the normal cathedral from act 1 yes i know they are the same but the one from diablo 1 was HUGE each floor was like a maze.. This one is just a s8 shot also the floors to me never seem to change up or anything... Boring and lack luster.. was hoping for more effort but they gave us a half ass diablo 3 dun with 16 levels. 1-9 are kinda big. Once you hit 10-16 they get really really short