High budget 1st party PS3 title canceled ?

An anonymous source working on a high profile title for the PlayStation 3 confirmed to yesterday that their upcoming game had "stalled completely."

And as of right now, there's only four missions in the game and online multi-player isn't even guaranteed. This is pretty shocking when you consider that the game was once set to be a major release...

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Evoluti0n5429d ago's the game Warhawk, and they also said it will more than likely be released on the PS3 store, free or not, I don't know.

hardwood20015429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

If the rumor is true then I wonder why the developers just gave up?

UrbanJabroni5429d ago

_If_ a 1st party title was canned, I don't think any of us doubt it is Warhawk. Given that it had to be retooled due to awful ground missions, I doubt Sony wants to sink more money into a franchise that very few remember or care about.

SimmoUK5429d ago

This is just a RUMOUR it says it's a RUMOUR just like MGS4, DMC4 or any other game coming to 360 it's all rumours...

Any idiot can start a rumour without proof I could start one that mass effect has been canceled...

FFVIIFan5429d ago

when this rumor was confirmed, but if someone has a link then please post it. This article said it was canned due to inhouse fighting, and from the looks of the warhawk website it appeared that the developers were very much in agreement with one another over the course of the game. I'm guessing that if there is a cancelation, it isn't as big of a title as this post suggests.

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The story is too old to be commented.