Sterling: Bankers will get rich from games, not designers writes: "Futurist keynotes are notoriously hard to glean practical information from - as witnessed by the undoubtedly interesting but awkwardly irrelevant Ray Kurzweil 2008 GDC keynote - a point which author Bruce Sterling handily sidestepped at Austin GDC by giving a talk that wavered somewhere between inspirational lecture, performance art, and low-rent magic show.

"One small problem," began Sterling, "I'm not Bruce Sterling. I know you were expecting Sterling for your keynote today, but he couldn't make it, so he sent me here instead. Hi."

The general topic of the keynote was the shape of computer entertainment 35 years from now (as the industry hits its 35th anniversary in 2008) and Sterling's schtick throughout the talk was that the then-89 year old Bruce Sterling had sent back one of his graduate students in his place to demonstrate the technology of 2043."

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