PlayTM Interview: Thomas Hulett talks Silent Hill: Homecoming

PlayTM writes: "The gaming landscape has changed since the world last played a brand new Silent Hill experience, a fact Konami seem all-too aware of. To find out where the company plan on taking the survival-horror series next, we cornered associate producer Thomas Hulett to dish the dirt on Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Q: How does this Silent Hill carry on from previous games in the series?

A: Well, erm, if you've played the whole series... the first three are similar; they say what they want to say; four went in a different direction... how succesful that is is open to debate. So, with Homecoming, we want to continue to see where the series can go and expand. I think it has a lot of potential as a horror franchise, it doesn't need to be confined to these set things, we just need to find what the core element the game needs is."

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WIIIS13687d ago

Bah! Another game without trophy support for PS3 version. What's the point of this trophy system really? Isn't it supposed to reward you for ALL games that you play?

BachelorBrit3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Who cares about that Trophy crap? It's just a pointless gimmick like the XBOX 360 Achievements in my opinion. I am more interested in the actual game personally. I can't wait for Silent Hill: Homecoming to release I have been a real fan of the series since the very first Silent Hill Playstation title came out as a demo. I've loved all the games in the series and I doubt Silent Hill: Homecoming will be any different.