Microsoft Needs To Improve Their Relations With Japanese Game Developers

With the announcement of the unfortunate cancellation of the hotly anticipated Xbox One exclusive title, Scalebound, it seems that Microsoft has dealt themselves another blow to their momentum. This isn't this first time Microsoft has had an issue with Japanese developers, and certainly doesn't seem to be the last.

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Genuine-User2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I'll be absolutely furious If platinum goes bust because of Microsoft's mismanagement.

Edit: for those questioning why I put the blame on Microsoft? Well it's because the relative 'evidence' suggests that MS handled the project rather poorly; they set ridiculous milestones with poor funding and even withholding pay.

As for Platinum going bust:

"a significant portion of Platinum workers are without a task, Kamiya on mental health leave, and the studio bereft of payment for a month of work."

And then there's this:

Overload2208d ago

I would HIGHLY suggest people read these 2 articles.

Why Xbox failed in Japan

Japan is just a symptom of Xbox' problems

Genuine-User2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I'll give the articles a read later today. Thanks for sharing.

il-JumperMT2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

"The Xbox did not fail in Japan, is not continuing to fail in Japan, because people here don't want to buy a product from a foreign company"

Whomever even came up with the statement Japanese dont buy foreign products must be blind and deaf.

Perjoss2208d ago

I had read that first one before, the 2nd link was a good read though, thanks man.

DaveO_TZR2208d ago

These are both great articles that go more in depth with the issues Microsoft had in Japan than my article, which is more just a direct call for Microsoft to wake up. Thanks for sharing!

yeahright22208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

@ jumperMT, iphones? makes me wonder if he researched it at all. took me all of two seconds to come up with that example.

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holdmyown832208d ago

Damn that was a good read. Kept me up past my bed time. Thanks!

Overload2208d ago

I'm glad all of you enjoyed them. The contrast between the different markets is quite shocking.

Eonjay2208d ago

Xbox has like 0% market share in Japan. That is the So, they need to be as good as they can with Japanese devs.

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lelo2play2208d ago

Why do you assume it's Microsoft's fault?
I guess Microsoft is at fault for every 3rd party studio going bust. /s

Scalebound has been in development for 4 years. A studio that can't finish a game in 4 years... has problems.

Liqu1d2208d ago

Why do you assume it isn't Microsoft's fault?

It's possible that Platinum needed assistance and Microsoft were unwilling to offer help.

Fishy Fingers2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

After 3 years of investment MS might of been unwilling to help? Oxymoronic.

I mean it's cool to make assumptions but MS cancelled Scalebound, not your common sense.

FunAndGun2208d ago

It could be a combination.

The game was announced in 2014, since then MS has changed their direction with all games being available on Windows 10. This could have thrown many wrenches in the development and timeline.

We don't know yet.

UntrainedN00B012208d ago

Perhaps platinum games have been spending MS money and development time on their other projects and got caught out

trooper_2208d ago

So whose fault is it?


notachance2208d ago

why not try reading that neogaf article genuine shared?
what they did with Darkside (Panthom Dust ex-developer) disgust me, I'm an IT guy so I know what it means for developer when client one-sidedly changed project scopes. It's not that simple, even if they increase budget and timeline there are things that have to be incorporated from scratch, meaning it's not uncommon for developer to totally scrap on-going work and start from scratch when a client changed their scopes, and that can really cause a stress on the team. Now imagine if that scope change are forced without budget and timeline increase, AND done quite often, not just once or twice like they did with Darkside...

still think MS is all cool and sunshine?

Automatic792208d ago


I wouldn't pay mind to Overload and Genuine User they are both anti-Xbox every single day, including knocking Xbox One games for years, now they concerned about a cancellation regarding a game that was in development for 4 years. They are toxic to the gaming community and now they trying to perpetrate fraud like behaviors just to keep there hate train alive. Don't waste your time.

gangsta_red2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I'm not going to say MS didn't have anything to do with it, but I won't automatically go putting the full blame on them (yet).

We can see that Platinum being a small developer may have stretched their staff to far. I mean with Transformers, TMNT, Starfox AND Neir, plus they were working on Scalebound.

Something had to give and it looks like it may have been Scalebound.

rocketpanda2208d ago

Meanwhile while Rockstar and Bethesda spend more than 4 year developing and crafting open world games.

Platinum gets hired to do it with added 4 player coop and MS expects them to just finish the game so easily. Maybe if they didn't spend so much money marketing and making gimmicky accessories two times they would have fresh first party titles rather than the usual Forza, Halo and Gears.

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YEP4142208d ago

Genuine -
It's Microsoft fault platinum games shows no progress in its games...stop it

fenome2208d ago

Well Nier seems to be coming along just fine, so...

XXanderXX2208d ago

How does MS investment in their contracted IP cause a whole company to go bust. Seeing how PG had other teams working on other projects for other plats . The only way they go bust is they are run by morons .

_-EDMIX-_2208d ago

I don't disagree with you in that regard.

Genuine-User2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

That pretty much corroborates with what I said. Or am I missing something?

gangsta_red2207d ago

No, it actually doesn't corroborates with what placing all the blame on MS and then getting "upset" that Platinum may shut down.

This tweet along with other rumors implies that Platinum took on to many other projects (TNMNT, Starfox, Neir, etc) and couldn't handle the workload of Scalebound.

Senior members leave due to stress and the work falls behind schedule even more.

Genuine-User2207d ago

"No, it actually doesn't corroborates with what placing all the blame on MS"

Yes it does.

"This tweet along with other rumors implies that Platinum took on to many other projects"

No it doesn't. That tweet is specifically talking about Scalebound.

Several senior members were forced to take a month away from the project's (i.e. Scalebounds) heavy workload.

And what did I say?

Microsoft set ridiculous milestones with poor funding and even withholding pay.

"a significant portion of Platinum workers are without a task, Kamiya on mental health leave, and the studio bereft of payment for a month of work."

CrazedFiend2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Wow! Adam Bolton...

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Herbalistic2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Microsoft could have done that ages ago but instead they steered Xbox into a pure western brand.

Nu2208d ago

Nintendo needs to improve relationships in the west

DaveO_TZR2208d ago

May write that article depending on what happens at the Switch event on Thursday

jaymacx2208d ago

Saying this as a long time nintendo supporter NOA is horrible.

Sony has the best balance of the big 3 and its probably why they sell the best worldwide. Nintendo could learn a bit from SCEA for their NOA. But let us not get ahead or ourselves... western devs made it known what they wanted from Nintendo and it seems Nintendo listened so maybe we will see improvements there. Bethesda is supporting them now.. maybe now they can find what ppl wanna play on Switch.

_-EDMIX-_2208d ago

I'd say as of right now Sony is the best example of what Microsoft and Nintendo should be doing if they want to continue to stay in the market and be competitive.

Stop wasting money on third-party exclusive and double down on building a strong internal days because there was no reason that the Wii U and 3DS was lunching with such poor support especially coming after the extremely successful ends exactly where did that money go?

There is no reason for Sony to sell less than Nintendo last generation yet they're producing more properties and they have more teams it begs the question what Nintendo is doing with the money they've been making and who exactly is making the decision to continue to lowball and not invest in these properties despite knowing their entire company rides on the software being successful?

The way I look at it is they were clear opportunities for Nintendo to purchase Retro games, bizarre creations, even Atlus.

Whoever's the higher-ups at Nintendo seriously in my opinion need to get fired because they have not been keeping the best interest for Nintendo as a company or its fans because I remember seeing all these Acquisitions and thinking in my mind Nintendo literally could have purchased many of these teams to fill out gaps so they can have a beast Arsenal.

There's a Sleeper Cell in that company that is basically trying to make them fail because I honestly believe that a lot of this company's issues over the last 10 years and simply came from not bringing in enough new consumers something that they could have done with the purchase of multiple brand-new teams.

I want you guys to remember that Namco Bandai worked on Smash Brothers...,....

_-EDMIX-_2208d ago

Nintendo needs to do what Square Enix did and purchase a western developer especially if there's a developer that is open to purchase.

Square Enix close relationship to Eidos was it big deal from that purchase though.

That was one of Square Enix smartest purchases. They basically now have Deus Ex Hitman and Tomb Raider along with the talent that can create new intellectual properties for the West at any moment

I think Nintendo needs to do what Sony did last generation and basically start ignoring third-party exclusives and double down on internal development.

I'm sorry but I don't want to see another paper Mario or Star Fox outsourced to another team....

For an established franchise like that, that is just something you would not see Sony or Microsoft do to one of their top properties.

Nintendo very much can afford to make some smart acquisitions.

notachance2208d ago

you should've seen how it is in Asia (apart from Japan and Korea)

all 3 console's support are abysmal
Sony is the least bad, they have dedicated region number and somewhat little support although warranty is still provided in many countries, but the ps store is discriminative if you compare it to JP/NA/EU store, almost no sale, huge gap in available game library, demo, etc. Thankfully their consoles are region free so we often just buy NA/EU copy of the game if it isn't available here.

Nintendo downright doesn't have dedicated region for Asia we have to buy everything North America here, from console to game to nintendo wallet and you can only cry when they're holding an exclusive pokemon event or something.

Xbox is.. well in my countries almost no one buy any of their console including me, people are just downright ignoring that brand... so I don't know how their support is here.

Steam is by far the best platform supporting my region, so it's no wonder there are much much more PC players here than there are console players.

Yes, there exists a region with more PC players than console players.
UWP still sucks *ss though

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Warshade2208d ago

Why bother. Just open a bunch of new dev. studios and tell them all to make FPS games. That will keep their fanbase happy.

DaveO_TZR2208d ago

You're not really wrong about that, but it's about expanding the fan base, not doubling down on the one they already have.

jaymacx2208d ago

Great point... get games for all gamers not just the shooter market.

solderman2208d ago

Relations will only improve until Xbox stops looking like the "America! f**k yeah" box.