Dead Space Achievements!

We got the achievements for the highly anticipated Horror/Sci-Fi title from EA, Dead Space. The game features 48 achievements, 8 of which are secret, for 1000 points. But what we can expect from the other 40 achievements?

The other 40 achievements range from beating each of the 12 chapters of the game, earning 150 points for beating the game on the hardest difficulty, and collecting… logs? Yet, the list also has several achievements for dismembering body parts, of which you'll need 1000 limbs for all the points!

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HungPHAT3736d ago

it will trophies and Achivements , which system I should buying it on is the ????

GameOn3736d ago

That's obviously ship logs to find out just what the hell has been going on.

monkey6023736d ago

Three types of logs

First type: wooden
Second type: as you said ship's log
Turd type: okay lets just hope it's not this kind