The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Playstation 3 Screens

Here are five new screenshots from the upcoming PS3 edition of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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THWIP4927d ago

...and the 360 version looks better. I suppose by trying to improve the background render speeds, they had to sacrifice some detail.

bighed034927d ago

the colors look really washed out.

power of Green 4927d ago

For saying the same thing in the GB's thread, it's clear you can tell 360 games from PS3 games, just like you could tell the difference between console in any other generation(6th PS2 vs Xbox).

PS3 Ultimate4926d ago

Always a 360 fan coming here and saying that the 360 version is better? You should play before u talk. I say the PS3 version is 10 times better!

Razzy4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

LOL @ the Xbots. What do you guys do sit and wait for PS3 news stories so you can post something negative about it? Is your god Bill paying you? ALL HAIL MASTER BILL!! HE NEEDS MORE BILLIONS!
Get a life.

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Bullseye4927d ago

I'm glad to see this on the PS3,its a great game. I'm still playing it after 150hrs and there's plenty to do. The only drawback on 360 was the slightly off putting loading times and stuttering.Hopefully if they use PS3 hdd these minor irritations can be largely avoided.If you like this kinda game, then in my opinion, its a must have.

ApocalypseShadow4927d ago

i wouldn't call stuttering framerates better.and early on it had that hard drive glitch where it reset.

ps3's version is looking good.

THWIP4927d ago

That was simply typical Bethesda and their sloppy programming; it had nothing to do with the 360 hardware.....and you can expect similar glitches on the PS3.

Bullseye4927d ago

This is a cracking game that has bags of gameplay, with or without the glitches. And THWIP, i do appreciate that this an early 360 game and therefore there where problems, regardless of the reasons.

achira4927d ago

i hope the ps3 version is not such a downfall as the xbox360 version was.

frostbite064927d ago

Yah dipsh*t, the rpg of the year was definitely a downfall

eclipsegryph4927d ago

You do realize that this is just a port of Oblivion, don't you? Perhaps there's a few graphical improvements, and the inclusion of Knights of the Nine questline, but that's about it.

I'm sorry that you didn't like the game, though - it's been a pretty big hit all over, and, in my opinion, for good reasons.

shotty4927d ago

Why do ppl bother to reply here, the number of bubbles pretty much explains it all.

Optimus Prime4927d ago

you are a douche bag. a game doesnt win rpg of the year for nothing. FANBOY!

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