Georgia Van Cuylenburg, Final Fantasy XIII's Vanille, on internet abuse and voice acting via Twitch

The voice of Final Fantasy XIII's Vanille opens up about her experience with internet abuse, the voice acting innovations of Twitch and more.

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CanadianTurtle1556d ago

It sucks that she got abuse for just doing her job. As for Vanielle as a character, she annoyed the fucking hell out of me. I don't blame the voice actor, but the "writers."

ravinash1556d ago

This is why I don't understand these people who go round abusing people because they didn't like a character.
It's fine not to like a character, but don't go blaming the actor because you just don't know if their just following the directions they have been given.
Even if it is the actor, there is just no excuse for death threats.
If a video game character is effecting you that much, maybe you should get a life.

rainslacker1555d ago

I didn't have a problem with the voice itself, just the character. Thought the voice was sweet, and if it had been pitched a bit higher, could have even been kind of sexy. But yeah, abusing the actor is stupid, particularly for a character that no one was invested in before the game even released. It's worse than those people who abuse the actors who don't live up to expectations when playing some super-hero or well loved character.

Derceto1556d ago

Blame the management of the game. They are the ones who say what is accepted and what is not. She gave them what they asked for and this is what we got. Not her fault whatsoever.

Manashake1556d ago

van Cuylenburg? That's a place in Holland.

gamer78041555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

i loved Vanille, she was a complicated character and without playing through til the end you wouldn't understand. She seems like a good person as well.

Featuring_Dante1555d ago

she's actually the unintended protagonist, much like FFXII's Ashe

yeahright21555d ago

I was kinda hoping she'd turn out to be a full on villain based on that conversation she had with Hope where it almost seemed like she was manipulating him.

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