Rumor: Marvel's Punisher Making Video Game Return

It's been more than three years since Joystiq's favorite comic book antihero last waged a one-man war against video game criminals, but the artwork, allegedly leaked to by Marvel editor Ryan Penagos, suggests that Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, may soon be making a suitably bloody return.

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Silogon3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I'm getting sick of seeing "Re-boots" of these characters.

We just had Punisher and Hulk movies and they both sucked, so what does Hollywood do? They go and make "re-boots" which suck even worse. The new Punisher looks like milked C*ck, man. LAME ashell, just like that absurd Hulk movie they tried to pawn off on us.

Now we have to deal with a Kick flipping Jason in the new Friday the 13th which looks equally as lame as all the other remakes. The guy playing Jason is such a ham too. Blonde hair isn't scary by the way. When I seen Halloween remake and Michale myers in it, I thought surfer. I now see the idiots behind the new "kick flipping" Jason have opted to give him Blond streams of hair. Patches, if you will.

No thanks to all remakes and games based on them.

P.S. When I seen the bit in the new Friday the 13th movie where Jason is knocked down and then does a fkick flip to get to his feet; that was it. I was done. that's not Jason. That's a damn ninja.

Silogon3686d ago

The people disagreeing with me are the reasons why Hollywood's well has run dry. You people are to stupid to know what is worth your time and what isn't. You're too stupid to know when something has been repackaged a million times over, so it doesn't inherently affect you at this time. Maybe when your nuts drop you'll realise you've been watching the same content over andover and over ad over and over and over. A lot like RAP music, hollywood has become.

MK_Red3686d ago

Hope it's as violent and awesome as the previous one. It did come out along with the movie but it had different story, lots of punishment and great writing by Garth Ennis himself.

Reibooi3686d ago

Punisher games if done right can be really really good. So I guess this is good news. However I hope it comes out during a time when when there aren't alot of other games around or else people are just going to ignore it like the last one.

asyouburn3686d ago

that part where you come up out of the coffin in the funeral home is priceless