10 best PlayStation VR accessories you Must Have

PlayStation VR accessories are designed specially to give you an improved play and storage. They are the best accessories you can fit your PlayStation.

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Derceto741d ago

Think I'll keep my 2 favourite accessories instead. My money, and my patience. Thanks anyways. See you after the bubble bursts.

RedKnightOH741d ago

When the PS5 comes out... I'll take a look at SONY's VR gear. Until then... the PS4 Pro isn't the rig to run VR. Sony needs a year or 2 to work the bugs out of their VR anyway... and we will see if Sony is still supporting VR 2 or 3 years from now. I got burned on the Non-Supported MOVE controllers and it's non-games. Won't make that mistake again.

Aenea741d ago

There have been quite a few games released past months that work with the Move controllers! 😉

Trekster_Gamer740d ago

I love how these people comment who don't even own it or have never really given PlayStation VR a real chance and think they know what the hell they're talking about...

VR is in its infancy I congratulate Sony for jumping in with both feet I'm enjoying my PlayStation VR immensely. Sure it could be better, but that's always the case with everything isn't it?

Epicor741d ago

List only contains one must-have accessory (camera) and another essential one (move controllers). Who is going to have a dedicated carry case AND a storage case for this beast? "This is a totally different case from the Deluxe carry case." Sure okay. Camera, move controllers and decent headphones (even the standards in-ear buds will do) and you are good to game! I don't want to have additional stuff lying around my apartment.

Trekster_Gamer740d ago

I do wish the stand would have been included. I am definitely getting on if anything to more easily keep the motion Controllers and gamepad charged at the same time.

Epicor740d ago

Yes, the stand is a nice addition. I don't have it because I don't have room for it (and my wife wouldn't let me to keep it on top of TV stand). I play VR pretty rarely. But when I do then nothing is as irritating than having no charge left in my move controllers. :P