I’m Excited for The Last of Us 2 and I Hated the First Game

GamersBliss' Michael writes: "There is no question that a game as big as The Last of Us 2 generates serious anticipation. It doesn’t seem shocking to say: I’m excited for The Last of Us 2. It’s not a shocking saying until you look at me as a gamer. For full disclosure, I am an Xbox fan first, love Nintendo and rank PlayStation as third choice in console preferences."

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TheSuperior 2272d ago

The game looks like its on a completely different level than most of the games that came out in 2017. PS is killing it with exclusives.

Rimeskeem2272d ago

You know, when I played KZ Shadow Fall I thought "how will they make the graphics any better". Then I saw Uncharted 4 and thought the same. Then I saw Horizon and was certain they couldn't make a better looking game. Then I saw the TLOU2 trailer and said "fu** it, I'm not assuming any more sh**"

bouzebbal2272d ago

was the same last gen on PS3.
First Killzone 2, then Uncharted, then God of War Then killzone 3 Then infamous 2 then U2 then Ascension... Every single exclusive topped the previous one.

Back to this article, i do not understand how it can get approved. It's irrelevant as an opinion!

Lamboomington2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Horizon looks good for an open world game, otherwise it doesn't look mindblowing or anything. Uncharted 4 looks much better. The Days Gone demo impressed me far more in terms of visuals.

Besides, so far I've seen tons of pop-in and shadows coming in a few meters from the character, on the base PS4 version. I think the PS4 Pro version will be one of the best looking games though, because the game is pushing lots of cool tech and high production value.

kayoss2272d ago

Just look at DriveClub. Til this day, in my opinion its the best looking console racer to date.

Nyxus2272d ago

"The Last of Us was an overrated, repetitive and trendy game. It was loved by the fanboy simply because it was console exclusive."

Look, it's fine if you didn't like the game but this is just bs.

BlakHavoc2272d ago

Whoa he said that?! lol that's funny. I guess the fanboys were the reason it was critically acclaimed and also received over 200 GOTYs. Gtfo with that nonsense...

Aloy-Boyfriend2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Thank you for saving me a click. This is just disrespectful and disgusting to read. Why be excited for this when it is also an exclusive?

Lol "I'm an Xbox fan first."
Don't bother writing anything PS with that attitude

kayoss2272d ago

Because its click bait. If you hate the first one so much, why would you be excited for the second one? Not like they showed a lot in the trailer that can give you any indication of its game play.

nowitzki20042272d ago

He should have added "it was hated by the other fanboys like myself"

UCForce2272d ago

Yeah, I agree and this article is weird.

ravens522272d ago

Ye im sure the article could have done without that idiotic "fanboy" comment. Smh.

CrimsonWing692272d ago

Man seriously, I know everyone isn't going to like the same things as everyone else but for crying out loud at least give credit where credit is due. The game was amazing even if you don't like it.

cash_longfellow2272d ago

Yep...I didn't like the game either, but I wouldn't go this far, lol...I didn't enjoy it, but it is still a fantastic game, just not my bag.

guyman2272d ago

I guess he turns to halo and gears for emotional and impactful narrative, characters and plot. Yea this guy seriously gets it (LMAO, extreme sarcasm)

andrewsquall2272d ago

Didn't you know that 300 GOTY awards equals, it was just "loved by fanboys" lol? This also means that Quantum Break in a shock twist is actually a masterpiece and most certainly isn't only defended by fanboys because it was exclusive to a particular platform.

SpinalRemains1382272d ago

Omg you're insane. Greatest overall game I've ever played and I've gamed almost 40 years.

MasterCornholio2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Wow that is terrible on the authors part. Reminds me of those people who whined about the first game getting so many GOTY awards when it came out.

jc122271d ago

Agreed, this article is nonsense.

rainslacker2271d ago

I'm actually wondering why he would have to show so much disdain for other ND games to try and make his case for why he's excited for TLOU2. Seems more like he's trying to talk sh*t about ND and their games rather than actually saying what is actually important.

By this point in time, people have their own opinion on TLOU, and don't really need people's preferences in gaming to get why this guy may be excited for TLOU2. At best, it's worth a casual mention, not a focus of a title, and a part of his dissertation.

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SCW19822272d ago

Well here's another site I will never visit again. What a joke and what a child plunking away on the keyboard.

lifeistranger2272d ago

It looks interesting but too soon to say anything from a pre-rendered trailer.

UCForce2272d ago

No. That's in game engine. ND use an upgrade UC4 engine.

sin72792272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Pre-rendered my ass kido

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