Head Developer Of Scalebound Hideki Kamiya Had To Take Time Off For Mental Health Reasons

ThisGenGaming says "Following up on the news that Scalebound from Platinum Games may be cancelled we have also now heard some things about the head developer Hideki Kamiya. Apparently development has been quite taxing on members of the team especially Kamiya to the point where he had to take time off for mental health concerns."

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-Foxtrot646d ago

Why he went with Microsoft I'll never know.

I mean money is money but not worth your mental health over.

gangsta_red646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

So Microsoft drove him crazy?

I mean I am just as upset that this may be canceled but c'mon. It was crazy that Platinum was pumping out so many games for a small studio. But it's not like Hideki didn't have assistants and other helping hands that could step in as I am sure they did with other projects releasing.

hmmmm...maybe it was MS ... :\

Gamist2dot0646d ago

Well, there were some communication issues going on before E3 last year between the two. The guy expressed his anger through twitter - think it was removed.

naruga646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

i have a suggestion for Platinum ...keep the assets , keep the engine ... you can release it on pS4 surely andsafely ....Nier is already there :P ...also Xone owners prepare (imo) for Scorpio exclusive library NOT compatible on Xone ->probably this forced upgrade aka longer development , killed Scalebound

bouzebbal646d ago

Sad to hear cause he's a good guy and he makes good games .. Hoping he gets well soon in the best shape possible.

Sciurus_vulgaris646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

To be fair Hideki does have a notorious temper, clearly evident by his twitter rants, when something doesn't go his way.

OmnislashVer36646d ago

Sorry but I think it's more Hideki's fault than Microsoft's. I mean he was the one that chose the douchey main character and dubstep instead of Medieval-esque lore like Drakengard. What kind of response do you think he would get for that game?

darthv72646d ago

Sorry Naruga, this is more Nintendo's style of game, not Sony's.

sampson3121646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

sony waits most times for devs to get new ip's right. MS, not so much.

In the end this just sucks for gaming in general.
devs put so much time into these games.

gangsta_red646d ago


"...douchey main character and dubstep instead of Medieval-esque lore like Drakengard"

Seems like the standard Japanese protagonist you find in a lot of their games and animes, I didn't have one problem with the main character. But I did see some people get worked up because he wore headphones.


OmnislashVer36646d ago (Edited 646d ago )


Standard Anime or J character? Seriously? What anime have you been watching, stupid card-game shows? Most anime main characters are typical guys with Japanese hairstyles, no headphones, and many times in a Japanese school suit. Hardly any except for a few stupid shows have guys that look anything like Scalebound, sorry.

I know it's just a matter of opinion when I say this, but I'm 100% sure a Drakengard themed game with the same engine would obliterate sales of a finished Scalebound game. Even not a Drakengard themed game... Throw any Japanese hairstyled guy in a school 3-piece suit and play out dragons and it would still work better. Scalebound's character design was the absolute lowest common denominator in my opinion.

Most anime styled characters:

You had to dig deep to find that singular shit example. Same with dubstep. There may be one or two anime with dubstep, but 99.9999999999% of them have orchestrated soundtracks. This isn't even lowest common denominator level, this is shitty outlier level.

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Dan_scruggs646d ago

Try a month of game development with any company. Ever wonder why the turnover rate is so high. No one would admit it but one of the worst is Naughty Dog. They make great games but a the cost of the personal lives and mental health of its employees.

sampson3121646d ago

wealthy employees. making art can be hard, but the rewards, both financial and artistic, is what they work so hard for.

Ravenor646d ago

Or you could try reading the article, Platinum has been spread so thin I'm surprised Nier is as good as it is after Transformers, Korra and Ninja Turtles (they're all awful).

LOL_WUT646d ago

You can add Bayonetta 2 to that list ;)

Ravenor646d ago

It wasn't as good as Bayo1, but I'd take it in a second over Korra or Ninja Turtles.

646d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Have to disagree about Transformers, it was actually well received. Its only flaw was it's length but the combat, sound and visuals easily delivers.

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PlayableGamez-646d ago

So you are going to blame MS for this man having mental health problems? Remember this is a guy who will block you on Twitter for asking him if Bayonetta 3 is going to happen.

Septic646d ago

Ahahah MS made Kamiya go crazy?! 😂😂😂

Ah foxtrot...never change!

RedPill86646d ago

Going from AA trash to a AAA game with AAA standards and a AAA budget. Sounds like he bit off more than he could chew, his "mental health" being blamed on Microsoft is pure fanboy BS.

646d ago
FunAndGun645d ago

"AA trash"

trash? really, TRASH!?

god, I hate "gamers" like you.

DigitalRaptor646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

It might not be because of Microsoft, but let's be honest. Kamiya has been very vocal in his dislike of Microsoft and how they were handling the game. If it wasn't pressure from the ones funding the game, for things like rushing out a demo for a press conference or to get the game out in a specific year, then what else could be causing such huge issues for him? Changing the game from his original vision? We all know this is the game Kamiya has always dreamt of making, so it would be incredibly stressful to see any of that compromised to suit Microsoft's western marketing requirements. Who knows?

Septic646d ago

We don't know is precisely my point.Maybe it was stress caused by MS who knows but to automatically assume it was Xbox causing the breakdown is premature no?

_-EDMIX-_646d ago

I'm not sure him working with Microsoft caused that.

Erik7357646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

You really think THAT was the reason for the mental health problems?😂

But microsoft line up looks absolutly terrible with their line up. Swear they are getting out of console business. Only good one now coming out is Crackdown 3

Kenshin_BATT0USAI646d ago

Crackdown 3 which is all but vapourware as we havn't seen the game in almost 2 years now.

BongSmack646d ago

Before judging him for his choice of employer keep in mind the industry as a whole can be brutal, especially for developers. Being the head developer would be exponentially more stressful. So just because he's with Microsoft doesn't mean that's why he's on medical leave.

rocketpanda646d ago

One of the most grossly overly exaggerated assumptions of 2017 and it's only January.

Welcome to the world of game development. And people wonder why some many games get rinsed and repeated rather than original ideas.

Hotabang646d ago

@omnislasher so you wouldve loved a character that was both male and female at the same time?

your reasoning is very weird to say the least, you say that the main problem with the game was the main character, which makes 0 sense

i suppose these games shouldve been cancelled too then

spicelicka645d ago

I can't imagine it would be much different with any other publisher. It's not like other publishers have some kind of mental health treatment programs.

Perhaps MS put a lot of restrictions on them, but there's no proof of that. They've had yearsss to make this game, and from what i saw, looked very "Platinum" as they would have liked. Seems like there may have been internal studio issues.

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FallenAngel1984646d ago

Sounds like Kamiya is bound to scale back his efforts

Erik7357646d ago

Lol, didn't like the pun?

sdcard4gb646d ago

Come on, man, don't be a dickcheese XD

FallenAngel1984646d ago

Don't cry cuz I have devil may care attitude about the situation

Septic646d ago

No the joke was just really bad.

I know. I'm a master at bad jokes.

FallenAngel1984646d ago

You may be a long time resident at making them, but that doesn't mean you can be evil 2 others who do the same

never4get646d ago

UNREAL ENGINE 4 IS TOXIC. It attracts developer with unattainable graphics quality on console then wreck their soul. UE4 is the devil that make developers cry. UE4 destroys developer minds. KH3, FFVII remake going to be Great? Prepare to be disappointed, UE4 is TOXIC.

Jotaku645d ago

UE4 also created hipsters, AIDS, and was the shooter on the grassy knoll! Repent your sins for UE4 is the harbinger of the end of days!

zombiewombie646d ago

I applaud you sir, you're surely Bound for great things. ;)

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Cussing646d ago

Dang! Scalebound was one of the only games that really looked interesting to me. R.I.P :(

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