Suda 51 wants to make a game as distinctive as No More Heroes for Nintendo’s Switch

A sit-down with one of gaming’s greatest punks, Goichi Suda. Over the last decade or so the video game industry has truly begun to embrace a broader acceptance of treating its most daring creators as auteurs.

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FallenAngel19841510d ago

Suda 51 also said we'd see No More Heroes 3 for Wii U

BlackWolf1510d ago

I'm still waiting on that one... more like, I need it.

porkChop1510d ago

The Wii U failed though. That's why the game didn't happen.

Darkfist_Flames1509d ago

didnt he say that there wont be another No More Heroes game after 2 ?

Segata1509d ago

This time tho Grasshopper is listed as one of the third parties. Also heavy rumor that Silver Case and possibly Let it Die coming to Switch.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1510d ago

And I hope they follow through.^_^

gangsta_red1510d ago

Really looking forward to see what the Switch has to offer.


Amigaengine1510d ago

I would be down for that !!

Darkfist_Flames1509d ago

How about you make one for ps4, sad that you made "Let It Die" than "Lily Bergamo".

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The story is too old to be commented.