'Spore' DRM Update - EA Loosening One Restriction In 'Near Future,' Offers Defense

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer writes: "Since "Spore" launched on PC earlier this month it's been the subject of thousands of complaints about the Digital Rights Management (DRM) measures implemented by EA to stave off piracy of the blockbuster game.

With so many issues swirling about restrictions and spyware and whatnot, I checked in with EA about the big ones and got several updates."

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kindi_boy3686d ago

and to reply to all of that rubbish I'll never buy an EA game with a DRM that gives me a headache ever again.

they said “EA has no intentions — nor will they ever — to make it easier for people to play a pirated game… than to play an authentic retail copy.”

I say 1 week prior to release date the game was out on the internet and it was a clean hacked game with no viruses and working 100%.

how did they make it harder with their stupid DRM is beyond me.

N4G Member3686d ago

I looked at Spore but the DRM made it a for sure no buy, i'll do without the game.