PressureCast: Will YOU Buy a Nintendo Switch? (Episode One-Hundred-Sixty-Three)

Pre Orders Are Going Live Friday. So You Hurry Up and Figure That Out.

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Summons751741d ago

All I'm waiting on is the price and launch titles. The concept has me sold so as long as the price is right then I am in.

EddieNX 1741d ago

Day 1, its the most exciting console launch I can remember.

SoulMikeY1741d ago

Yep. More accurately, BotW has me sold. Always got Nintendo love.

PGRfox1741d ago

I am 99% sure I am getting one. Unless the price is set too high - but I heard rumors there will be 2-3 SKUs so that shouldn't be a problem.

Lon3wolf1741d ago

I want to get one but felt pretty burned after the Wii and then the Wii-U (some good games but still lacking IMO) so I will wait a while before I decide.