OneZeroOne: How to Play MKV Files On Your PS3

Welcome to the every first edition of OneZeroOne, which is a new weekly series here on OneZeroOne will basically help you out with your tech problems on your consoles. Whether it be Playstation 3 or Dreamcast they will try their best to help out. Coincidentally this week they will tackle one of the limitations of Playstation 3's media playback, specifically HD MKV playback.

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Xbox360_Mujahid3775d ago

they share the same fate =)

Stryfeno23775d ago

How dare you put the PS3 in the same sentence as with the god like Dreamcast.

kewlkat0073775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

when I try to install mkv2vop I get a fatal error in Windows vista....grrr

"Installation ended prematurely with an error"

Has anyone tried this? Does it work?

BulletToothtony3775d ago

there seems to be a problem with the latest version of MKV2Vob, what you have to do is find an older version of MKV2Vob preferably version
"" this version is the one that works the best for everyone.

But here's the important part.. MKV2Vob will automatically update itself when you open it so you have to disable your internet every time you want to use it...

Once you open it and you're Muxing or Transcoding the file you can enable the internet again since it won't update itself anymore.

The setting should always be on the slowest which are

output file extension: M2TS
transcoding codec: x264
video transcoding: Automatic

after many tries this is how it finally worked for me... good luck man

nieto3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

edited .

TheDude2dot03775d ago

How you disable teh intertoobs?

kewlkat0073774d ago

I didn't know that...hmmm

I got it to install....I'm gonna try a file, I wish the PS3 just played the damn files, w hat the wait, it already plays others.

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Raoh3775d ago

I use tversity to stream all formats to my ps3

Honolulu3775d ago

The only thing explained is that you can convert mkv into a functioning container/format on the ps3. How is that news really?

strotee3775d ago

It isn't. I saw the headline, thought "I wonder if they're talking about mkv2vob?" and sure enough, they were. It might be useful for some though.

Honolulu3775d ago

Hehe, Yeah, me too.
I just have an old crappy computer+vlc hooked up to my tv instead, works like a charm.
Official MKV support would be appreciated though by many people I think.
Converting whole seasons of stuff into another format just to be able to watch it on a ps3 seems a bit too much of a hassle than it's actually worth, imo.

Blademask3775d ago

BTW if you use TVERSITY You should NOT transcode divx/xvid/vob. The quality is terrible. You can stream those without transcoding just fine.

BulletToothtony3775d ago

yes sometimes it takes 5 minutes for if you need to transcode it takes all day.. :( hopefully sony adds support for mkv. that would be the easiest..

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